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Discover 3 Steps That Will Drive High Quality Leads To Your Site Using Article Marketing

by Don Meyer

One of the easiest and most cost efficient, long term tactics for driving high quality leads to your website is through article marketing. Not only is it very effective in promoting your site, products or service to a huge targeted audience, but it is free and easy to do.You don’t have to be an English major to write articles. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like writing or don’t think you are any good at it.

You can very easily research and get the information you need from the internet, magazines, books or re-write one of your articles by changing and re-writing the same article and switching around sections of the article. You then have turned an old article into a new article with new content that can be submitted to the article directories.

There are hundreds of article directories that you can submit your articles to for article marketing. If you are tight on money, you can submit your articles by hand. If money is not a concern, you can inexpensively submit your articles to directory that will send your article out to a couple of hundred or more other directories. Now you can start to see the power of having all of your articles floating around in cyberspace, possibly for years to come, for anyone to read.

This gives you instant exposure for your site. There are literally thousands of people who are searching for the information that your article is about. Here are three steps to help you drive quality traffic to your site using article marketing:

1. Before you submit your article to an article directory, fill out the resource box with your name and website. I like to install anchor text that will direct you to my site, as well as at the very bottom of the resource box I put my website link. This link is not anchor text, because I want people to see my website name.

This also gives you chance to show that you are an expert in your field. The best way to do this is to put in the third person, so you don’t sound like you are bragging. Make it sound like someone is introducing you to someone at a board meeting.

One of the nice things about article marketing is that you don’t really even need your own website. You can simply use affiliate programs and products to write reviews about them and then link to the product sales page from your article.

2. Give good quality content. Do not do any selling in your article. That is the purpose of the resource box, leave all salesmanship there. If you make your articles informative and interesting, people will want to click on your resource box to get more information. Be totally honest about what you are writing about and readers will be more likely to see you as a dependable resource for information. Give people real value in your articles and you will more likely be rewarded with trust and sales of your product or service.

3. If you really don’t like to write your own articles or you don’t have time to write, you can freelance to someone else to do your article writing. Just google freelance writers and you will find many writers who would be more than happy to write for you. The nice thing is it really does not cost much at all to have done.

Article marketing is not going to make you an internet marketing millionaire overnight, but it gives you the opportunity to start small and then build your way up – especially if you’re on a tight budget. You can be very successful if you stay consistent with submitting your articles to the article directories and you always have unique and helpful content

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Don Meyer is the founder of Web List Marketing, where you can find out the latest information and hear the opinions of experts on internet marketing , promoting and driving huge amounts of traffic to your website.

Some Tips On How to Use Article Marketing Effectively

Publishing relevant, informative articles is the most effective way to get your website noticed and to drive traffic straight to your home page. In order to use article writing effectively, you need to know what is necessary to market your articles effectively.

The main reason to market your articles is to build in-bound links people can click to visit your site. When you submit an article to a directory, a link to your site will be included in the resource box to take people to your site to learn more about what you do and, more importantly, what you will be able to offer them.

To effectively market an article, make certain you start with a great headline. Your headline should offer a compelling reason to read the rest of the article. Explain the purpose of the article in the first paragraph. This is how you grab them and make them want to read the rest of your article. Don*t get to wordy and use a lot of terminology that will make the reader confused and ultimately frustrated. You don*t want them to stop reading!

The formatting of the article also has some effect on whether the reader will react positively and would like to know more. Be sure you use bold lettering, subheadings and perhaps a bullet list to get your point across. Marketing studies have shown, if the copy is attractive and jumps out, the reader will most likely read the entire article.

Providing examples of how your product will benefit your customer is the best way to get them to want to visit your site. Being too preachy or having too much of an infomercial feel, by pushing how they *need* to buy your product or use your service can drive people away. Keep it simple and clear and you will have a customer for life.

Here is one approach that I use that has never failed. Although I use this as my primary marketing technique, it is only one approach to consider. Get your feet on the ground, try some free articles in a few popular directories and you will be on your way to driving the targeted traffic you need before you know it.

Free Articles!, it sounds odd that writing an article for free will help you to build traffic, but it is one of the BEST strategies to use right now. The reason for this is: people are hungry for new and original content. There are many different article directories that rely on outside authors to stock their article directories. If no one submits a new article, the existing articles become stale and they lose their readership. Additionally, many articles are written with keyword phrases that generate income for the host site as well as drive traffic to the articles
and back to your site via the resource box. So, the more articles directories accept, the more content thus the more money they make. They also attract more people and you get more traffic when people read your articles then follow the link in your resource box back to your websites.

While this is the best strategy to use, it can require someone who understands SEO and has a talent and flair for writing. If that’s not you, do not fake it! I can not emphasize this enough. You will only create a bad business image if you manage to publish poor quality content, especially if it appears on multiple sites. So, hire someone to do the writing for you if you don’t have a flair for words. It will pay you back in the long-run.

You will want to focus on articles that are relevant to your market niche so that by the time someone gets to the author resource box, you know you have a potential buyer. Otherwise, they won’t bother to read the article, right?

Each host site may have different rules for the resource box. Some don’t allow you to link to sales pages, but will allow you to link to a blog or website, as long as it is not an obvious promotional page. Be sure to read the rules and follow them. This is one reason why maintaining a blog is a great idea when you need such an intermediary space to drive traffic then pool it from there to your other websites and offers.

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Over the past 10 plus years, George has developed a series of sites: Solutions For…[fill in the blank] centered around the Internet Marketing Niche. Visit any time: Solutions

6 Low-Cost & No-Cost Marketing Strategies

Any business can pay for advertising to get their message out and many do, spending tens of thousands of pounds to reach consumers. A smart business with a marketing savvy leader, however, can achieve the same goal for free if they know how.

Strategy #1

Email Magazines or Ezines

An ezine is a magazine sent via email…simple as that. All the rules that apply to printed magazines apply here too, but in an electronic format. Businesses are scrambling to build email lists and start their own customer ezines. And why not?

The average ezine response rate is 5% – 15% That is huge! Especially when you consider that the average response rate for average direct mail pieces is somewhere between 3% and 5%.

Strategy #2


Although it is often maligned and frequently misunderstood, telemarketing is one of the fastest growing forms of direct marketing today. It provides an opportunity to make one-to-one contact with the prospective buyer at a very low cost.

Telemarketing prices have been coming down while mailing prices have been going up. With the cost of hiring salespeople, training them, and getting them into the field, more companies will find the value in telemarketing.

Telemarketing can be used to take orders over the phone following up direct mail or direct media advertising. Products ranging from 25-pence fasteners to 10 million airplanes are sold over the phone.

Strategy #3

Marketing with Flyers

Flyers can be an effective way to spread the word about your business. Generally, they are single sheets printed front and back, and used to announce a sale, open house or other limited-time event. Mail it, hand it out, hang it up, and leave it wherever prospects congregate a flyer is among the least expensive, easiest to produce, and hardest working marketing tools.Put them on local bulletin boards. Leave them in reception areas and waiting rooms (with permission of course) where people are looking to read something to pass the time.

Strategy #4

Newspaper Ads

This is direct response advertising at its best. A newspaper ad is designed to create responses and generate customers. Every ad should always remind the reader of your unique selling proposition, even though you are featuring a particular product or promotion. In creating an ad for newspapers, you should start by striving for an editorial rather than advertising style. People going through a newspaper will not read your ad unless they notice it. An editorial style will differentiate your ad from others in the paper.
Remember: the more you tell, the more you sell. And approach your article as if you were a reporter who had just come on to a hot news item and wanted to share it with the rest of the community. Write it in this editorial fashion and people will read the ad.

Strategy #5


Studies have shown that the average consumer listens to the radio almost two hours a day. This makes radio advertising a favourite for small businesses trying to get their marketing message in front of their target market affordably.

Compared with television advertising, radio advertising is much less expensive. Radio also allows you to use your advertising dollars in a mass communication format, but to a targeted type of demographic.

Radio ads need to create interest, build desire, and cause action. So, the top 5 copywriting elements should be included in radio advertising:

1. Use the same headlines as your newspaper ads or as your direct mail letters to create the interest in a radio spot

2. The first two or three sentences should capture the listeners attention

3. The body of the radio ad works the same way as a print ad it fulfils your promise in the headline

4. Direct the listener as to what action to take

5. Have a measurable response to your ad

Strategy #6

Television Advertising

It used to be that only those with massive marketing budgets could ever afford to place an ad on network television. However, there are some times in the evening when it is more affordable.

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