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Is the Back of Your Business Card Naked?


I collect business cards. Other people collect stamps, or coins, or spoons … not me. Call me weird … I love business cards. I grab them from every booth at a craft fair, the doctor’s office, the shops in the mall, you name it.

But one thing that amazes me is that most businesses don’t utilize 50% of the real estate of their investment … the back of the card!

There are so many things that you can put on the back of the business card that could be useful, educational, or entertaining. And guess what? Since most business cards have a naked backside, yours will stand out from the crowd!

I took a look through my collection and found a few that stood out …

You could provide a convenient pocket sized calendar –


A great way to get referrals –


Show a picture of the quality of your product –


Tell them what brands you carry, or continue the branding from the front of the card –


Show them where you are –


Give them a place to keep their account number –


Does your product or service require preparation before or care after the sale? Tell them on your business card. Or even offer them a job –


Remind them of their next appointment, oil change, etc –


Serve a multi-lingual market? Speak to them too –


Have a last minute offer? Get it on your card –


It doesn’t matter if you have to print it, write it, stamp it, or stick a label on it … get more information on the back of your business card today!

If you want more ideas, the guys at Business Card Design have a huge list:

Any more ideas? Drop me a comment below …