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February 2009 Promotion Ideas


For the “Holidays” that celebrate a certain profession or group, you could offer a free gift, 10% off for the day (or week/month), or give them your product/service for free. Make sure you advertise your promotion via newspaper or email with a coupon that they can bring to your store.

All Month

  • National Care About Your Indoor Air Month – discount on radon test units
  • National Condom Month – where appropriate, give away a free condom with purchase
  • National Children’s Dental Health Month – free toothbrush with purchase
  • National Get To Know and Independent Real Estate Broker Month – send an “About Us” greeting card
  • National Pet Dental Health Month – give away a pet toothbrush
  • National Weddings Month – give away a his (blue) and hers (pink) t-shirt with your logo on the front and “Just Married” on the back which they can take on their honeymoon
  • Spunky Old Broads Month – discount or free give away to any Spunky Old Broad that comes in!


  • African American Coaches Day: 3 – discount to African American coaches
  • National Girls & Women in Sports Day: 4 – discount to girls wearing local sports team clothing
  • Wear Red Day: 6 – discount to anyone wearing red
  • Bubble Gum Day: 6 – discount to anyone chewing bubble gum
  • Boy Scout Anniversary Day: 8 – discount to Boy Scouts
  • Man Day: 8 – offer a discount to men
  • World Marriage Day: 8 – offer a discount to married couples
  • Read in the Bathtub Day: 9 – offer a free small bottle of bubble bath
  • Westminster Dog Show: 9-10 – a free dog treat to any dog owners
  • White Shirt Day: 11 – offer a discount to anyone wearing a white shirt
  • Friday the 13th: 13 – It’s your lucky day sale!
  • Valentines Day: 14 – offer a free rose to all men to bring home to their sweetheart
  • Susan B. Anthony Day: 15 – offer a $1 discount to anyone who can show you a Susan B. Anthony dollar
  • Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day: 20 – offer a discount to anyone who will yell “Hoodie Hoo!”
  • Clam Chowder Day: 21 – free clam chowder with the purchase of a sandwich
  • Curling is Cool Day: 23 – set up a Curling competition in your parking lot
  • For Pete’s Sake Day: 26 – offer a discount to anyone named Pete

The “Holiday” list is provided by the good folks at Brownie Locks and the 3 Bears:

I take absolutely no credit for the list of holidays, just my ideas to promote your business.

Make sure you send out your email announcement a few days ahead of time, so your customers will have enough time to plan ahead.