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Little Ideas = Big Profits for Your Business


Check Out The Ideas Guy – Tim Reid

I’ve been following Tim on Twitter. He posts short tweets with some great ideas.

Here are some of my favorite posts: from Tim:

Marketing Idea #55 Ask five existing Clients for a written testimonial. The post them on your website. Include them in your presenter.

Marketing Idea #34 Write your next ad or brochure copy as if you were writing to a friend.

Marketing Idea #29 Only Twitter what you promise to tweet otherwise people will unfollow you. I tweet marketing Ideas. Period.

Marketing Idea #63 Package up a few of your products / services. Give it a fancy name. Travel Agents have been doing this for years.

Idea #28 If you have more than 1 word in your domain name then always capitalize the first letter of each word. It makes for easier reading.

Idea #92 Seek the opinion of Clients using an online survey tool such as

Marketing Idea #84 Bring a B-grade celebrity back to everyone’s attention by having them promote your business. Who do you know?

Idea#35 Get your logo and tagline printed on some T shirts and give them to clients.

Idea #47 Allow yourself 60 seconds for a marketing idea then run with it. Don’t hesitate.

Press ad idea #76 – Place a very skinny ad for a weight loss product.

Press ad idea #25 – Get your best customer to write your next ad.

Idea #47 Tomorrow give one customer, service above & beyond the call of duty. Totally and pleasantly surprise them. Want nothing in return.

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