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Building Referrals with Business Cards


If you aren’t handing your business card to everyone you know, you are losing business. For 5 or 6 cents, they are one of the cheapest advertising vehicles on the market. And they won’t do you any good just collecting dust in the box!

Make sure you hand out cards to all of your business contacts and customers. They may have your number in their rolodex or crackberry, but if your card is tacked to their memo board, they’ll see it every day.

If you feel that it may be appropriate, ask them if you can give them a few extra to hand out to people who might need your product or service. If they trust you and are happy with the work that you do, they’ll be happy to do it.

I have a few customers that ask me for another card every once in a while because they have misplaced it, or they need one for their home office. Dropping a card in your correspondence with them will take care of those situations.

When you are in a networking situation, and you are about to wrap up your conversation to go mingle, ask them for their card. When they pull out their card case, ask for 4 or 5, because you “might know a few people that may need their service”. This opens the door for you to hand them a few extra too. If you just start handing wads of cards to people, it will seem too pushy.

Most of my business comes from referrals. One of my customers is my biggest “salesman”. Every time I see him, he asks me for more business cards. And I gladly empty my card case. He gets most of his business from the website I designed for him, and it usually comes up in conversation when he is on an installation/service call. He pulls out a card and says, “Give this guy a call”.

Treat your customers right, and bring them more business, or solve a big problem, and they will return the favor!

Here are a few other ways you can use to distribute your business cards:

  • local restaurants (people have to wait for a table, and they need something to read)
  • supermarkets (leave 5-6)
  • libraries (you never know)
  • send 1 or 2 with all of your bills (used successfuly in real estate)
  • include one with every invoice you send out (your client may have misplaced your card)
  • have a stack to bring to networking meetings
  • give them a reason to hold on to your card by printing something useful on the back
  • leave one or two with your tip at the restaurant (just don’t be stingy with the tip!)

Make sure you carry your cards in a nice case so they don’t get bent or dirty. In your wallet may be convenient, but doesn’t make for a nice presentation. You are representing your business, you know!

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Now get out there and starting handing out your business cards! Do you think 5 or 6 new people a day seeing your card would make a difference in your business?