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Using Online Video to Educate Your Customers


This post will show you some ideas about how to use video to educate and communicate with your customers.

Doug Bencsko, the owner of Precision Doors of NJ, had a problem.

His garage door technicians were being sent out to fix garage door problems that could easily be fixed by the customer. The customers were not happy having to pay a service call charge for such a simple fix, and he was losing money because the service call charge didn’t cover the cost of the technician and vehicle expenses.

Here is his fix, and it’s brilliant. He created a series of videos showing simple garage door fixes showing his customers how to make these simple fixes themselves.

In these very detailed videos he tells you:

  • How to program your garage door remote
  • Inspect, adjust and repair the safety eyes on your garage door
  • Fix Garage Door Remote Problems and replace the battery
  • How to replace the battery on your keypad
  • Lock and Unlock the Keypad
  • How to manually open an automatic garage door

He has the videos on his website, and sends them to his customers via video email.


Now his customers can do the simple fixes themselves, they won’t be frustrated with his company for the service call charges, and he’ll save money too!

Can you think of ways to implement video education in your business?

Here are some ideas:

  • Automotive Parts Store – “How to Change Your Oil” or “How to Jump Start Your Car”
  • Hardware Store – “How to Change Your Water Filter” or “Change Your Lawn Mowers Air Filter” or “How to Replace Your Snowblower’s Spark Plug”
  • Organization Consultant – “How to Choose the Best Filing System”
  • Grocery Store – “Choosing the Best Meat” or “Easy 10 Minute Meal  Ideas”
  • Video Game Store – “XBox 360 Game Cheats”
  • Tattoo Shop – “The Care and Feeding of Your New Tattoo”
  • Window Installer – “What Makes Our Windows Special?” or “Before and After”
  • Garden Center – “How to Plant Daisues” or “What Kind of Soil Do I Have?”
  • Gift Shops – “Perfect Gifts for Mother’s Day”

Or even better, you could run a contest with your current customers. Have customers submit videos showing themselves using your product(s). The winner could win a cash prize or a gift certificate.

This serves a double purpose: you get an instructional video and an endorsement of your product!

Hint: Customers don’t want to see another commercial, they watch internet video to learn and be entertained.

Need more ideas? Click the “Need an Idea?” link above.