Easy PR With Radio

microSome of the easiest PR to get is from radio. Radio stations usually make up more than half of the contacts list in any media guide. There are thousands of stations in the US and Canada looking for interesting, topical, and entertaining guests.

While radio has a huge reach, they get a fraction of the advertising pie–daily newspapers get 80% in most markets. Stations have few staff, yet must come up with local programming around the clock.

News/talk stations and shows are particularly pressed to get guests. Any local talk show host will tell you it’s murder trying to do a show entirely from listener call-ins.

There are two approaches to getting on the air:

* Go the formal route. Call the station, talk with the host or producer, tell why you would be dynamite for their audience. Then show up with your bio and Q&A in hand.

* Or be more informal. Simply call in when you feel you have something worthwhile to add. It’s not unheard of to show up at the studio bearing free food.

I was a radio morning DJ for many years and would praise the gods when someone interesting would call or show up to lighten the load.

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