How to Build Your Email Marketing Contact List

by Darcie Duttweiler

To grow your business in today’s online-dominated environment you’ll need an amazing eNewsletter. Creating a monthly eNewsletter is easy with the plethora of online email marketing companies offering low-cost services. The more difficult part of effective email marketing-once you’ve crafted a catchy newsletter, of course-is building your list. Here are easy steps you can take to make sure your email marketing list is maximized for the most open clicks:

* Make it easy for readers to sign up for your email marketing campaigns. Don’t request too much information-the more you ask for, the fewer people will likely sign up. Just ask for their name and email address.

* Make sure your eNewsletter subscription form is easy to find. If it makes sense to add this to every page of your website without creating clutter, feel free to do so. You can even add a form at the end of popular articles, in addition to having one at the top of the page.

* Utilize social media. Integrate your sign-up forms with your social networks.

* Create an archive so that potential subscribers can see past eNewsletters and are able to decide if they want to sign up.

* Reward your subscribers. You can offer an opt-in bonus for those who sign up for your emails, but you can also reward those who respond in some way-such as answering poll or survey questions or providing testimonials. Appreciated subscribers will want to stick with you-and your email marketing campaigns

* State your Privacy Policy. No one will want to subscribe to your eNewsletter if they think their personal information will be published, so let them know by providing a policy page that clearly outlines you won’t share their information with others.

* Blog often. This helps to build a community with prospects and potential clients, along with complementing your email marketing strategies. You can also post comments on others’ blogs with links back to your site.

* The No. 1 way to build a larger email marketing list is through publishing useful content. No one is going to want to sign up for your eNewsletters if you don’t provide them with unique and worthwhile content. Don’t send out newsletters too often, and make sure your content is worth reading.

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19 thoughts on “How to Build Your Email Marketing Contact List”

  1. Most of the marketing strategies in the recent past has been focussed around SEO/PPC/Social media. Those strategies definitely work if one can identify the right target audience and then promote into the right space.

    I would suggest to look for idea database, such as, They offer creative and innovative sponsorship ideas. Definitely worth a look.

  2. Nowadays email marketing plays a major role in internet marketing to escalate our business. To make it a successful campaign our contact list should be our targeted audience.

  3. Internet marketing has turned into the keyword and back linking mostly and the email marketing has now disappeared from the scene almost, yet I would like to say that you ve have had a very nice sharing about the topic.

  4. Awesome article. If you are not utilizing email marketing you are missing out. It is like receiving a free targeted mailing list and being able to send out as much mail as you want for free. Who doesn’t like free marketing.

  5. Don’t forget that most businesses will have a large bank of old contacts – past customers, past enquiries, even suppliers. Contact them all to update their detail, obtain email addresses, and confirm contacts.

    If your newsletters are interesting and relevant, most people will not mind receiving them. You can also make it east for them to forward, or so suggest someone else who may be interested, and they can get a special email asking if they would like to sign up.

  6. Darcie,

    I really appreciated your insight and advice in connecting to people via email. It can be overwhelming to put to put together a contact list, but I thought your advice was great. It is especially important as this point in time, with email marketing and other Social Media Marketing taking full flight.

  7. I agree about the “personal information” comment. A simple “your information will not be shared” will probably help if you can fit it in your email.

    Thanks for the tips. Next week, when I have time, I’ll perhaps implement an idea or two.

  8. Hi Darcie, email marketing is one of those topics that seems to go under the radar these days and although email is most
    widely known; at the same time its also underutilized by
    a lot of online marketers including offline local business,
    so thanks for sharing…

  9. Absolutely agree with you and with the statement that money is in the list.
    Your tips are very informative and very important because we know that the targeted emailing list is the first step to follow when starting a direct emailing campaign.

  10. Great ideas for email marketing. It’s crazy how many different types of marketing there are now, from online to email to billboards and all types of stuff. I worked for a Sarasota movers company and we used email marketing. Great tips.

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