How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

by Jill Manty

When it comes to marketing your business, business cards are one of the best things to have. Why is this? It’s simple; your prospects will have instant access to your information if they want to utilize your services. However, any old generic card will not suffice. You will need to make sure your business card stands out more than your competitor’s business cards.

How will a unique business card help you?

Look at it from a logical view. Let’s say your prospect has 5 business cards that involve companies that offer similar services to yours. If you have a unique business card design, yours will stand out and be the first one that catches their eye. People tend to get used to seeing generic business cards and will quickly skim over them. The longer your prospect looks at your card the more likely it is that they will choose your service. You want your business card to make a lasting impression, but make sure it is a good impression.

Business Card Pointers

Include A Tagline Or Slogan:
Taglines are a simple one sentence statement. You want it to be simple, relevant to your business, and catchy. Having a simple slogan will allow a person to remember it a lot easier. If you have a catering business having a tagline that says “food for less”, the prospect may be confused as to what you offer. Having a tagline that says “catering at a price you can afford” tells the prospect that you are a caterer. Catchy taglines are the best to use, much like commercial jingles, they leave a lasting impression.

Invest In Full Color Business Cards.
Full color business cards are becoming more affordable than ever before. They offer versatility to have a unique look and beat out plain two color business card. Again this goes back to having a card that stands out. You will have better luck with full color business cards.

No Templates:
You should never use a business card template under any circumstances if you want yours to stand out. Templates are limiting and will almost always come out plain and boring. Creating a business card should be done without the use of a template to ensure it will not blend with other business cards that get tossed.

Hire A Professional:
Nine times out of ten a business owner will not have design experience and will benefit greatly from hiring a professional designer. Designers tend to think outside the box which makes them better equipped to create a unique business card. They know the proper dimensions, bleeds, and the best uses of design elements.
No matter what type of business you have, business cards are one of the most vital marketing tools available. Remember that you want it to stand out above all the other cards your prospect will receive. Your best bet is to go with a professional designer and invest in your cards, as you will reap the benefits in the long run.

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  1. One more important thing is on what kind of paper the business card will be printed. There is a huge range of paper types, print fonts, cut edges and other factors to consider.

  2. It is really nice to know that stand out business cards nowadays are easy to make, because there are a lot of printing companies out there that are offering customized business cards to their clients and in this way they can help the client choose and design their business cards. And there are companies that are giving very affordable prices for it.

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