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Car Dealership Promotion: Marketing Ideas for Direct Mail Postcards

by Mina Palencia

Among the most effective but inexpensive marketing tools that you can use to spread the word about your car dealership are postcards. These prints give that personal feel to the recipient especially if they are not packed with advertisements and if they have personal message from the business owner — you. Using postcards, you can send your marketing message to a number of people and encourage them to check out your business.

The success, though, in postcard marketing relies on how well you are executing your campaign and how enticing your prints are, especially if those are printed online. You need attractive prints to get people to read them and stir up their interest towards your products — in this case, the vehicle units that you are selling. The way you execute your postcard marketing campaign is important because this could make or break your success. You might have designed the perfect postcards but if you are sending them to the wrong people, you will not get any profit.

Ideas for Your Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

On the one side of your postcard is where you should catch people’s interest. You can use a photo of a gorgeous sports car or a vehicle that will get people to save on gas and provide better mileage. Depending on your target audience and your message, you need to use the right photo. You can also catch people’s attention by solving their problem (i.e. they want to save on gas, and then tell them that your car units are designed to solve just that problem). Add a unique selling proposition and an irresistible offer.

After you have stimulated the interest of your reader, the other side is where you will sell. You can put your call to action on this side. But, don’t tell them to order. You can annoy your reader if they feel that you are only pressing them to buy your cars. Instead, tell them to visit your website or your showroom.

Always remember to include an offer that your clients will not resist. Free gas, percentage off of total price, free maintenance for a few years, some years warranty on parts — these are great offers. Your prospective clients will find these treats handy in the current economic problems that we have.

You will generate more leads with successful postcard marketing but only if you know how to do your marketing right. You need to start with the design of your postcards. And always remember to hand out copies only to the right people — a mailing list will be handy.

About the Author

Mina Palencia is a writer who resides in Lancaster, LA. She has experiences writing for online marketing campaigns, writing technical documents for online audiences and loves blogging.