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Accelerate Your Business All the Way to the Top with Article Marketing

by Vickie Jimenez

Article marketing has grown to be so essential to the online and offline business that it is a necessity to put into practice. The solution to becoming successful at article marketing is to be steadfast at it. Generating articles becomes a part of your daily schedule. If you do not have the time to do this you can contract out this service at an inexpensive amount monthly. This is such a powerful tool that you do not want to let lack of time or “writer’s block” to hold you back from cashing in on it.

If you want to strengthen your online presence you can magnetize more sales and more customers using article marketing. You already know, if you have done any kind of online investigation as to how to accomplish that presence, that article marketing is one of the strongest forms of online marketing that exists. The thing that is accountable for generating millions of dollars in sales and bringing millions of new subscribers to an immense amount of companies publicizing their products and services, is article marketing.

When it comes to online marketing, articles are a remarkably dominant tool. This is especially true if you are a novice to online marketing or internet business in general. Writing and submitting articles is an inexpensive, fast way to get extremely targeted visitors to your website.

Following are 3 guidelines to making use of article marketing as free promotion for your business.

1) Practice reading others” article writing style and note how they deliver tips, value and secrets inside their article body. Watch their writing style and see if you can learn something new to make your article more exciting.

2) There are article writing services that produce 400 new articles a month and will do this for you at a reasonable monthly rate; if you have “writer’s block,” do not have the time to write or do not write well, you can outsource your article marketing campaign to them.

3) Making article marketing a daily habit is the answer to effectively using it. In order to be reliable for blog sites to make the most of, you must create an article campaign in your niche and continue to get articles out in a steadfast manner. They will develop into subscribers to your articles and your online presence will grow much faster when you do this.

There are several uses and rewards to article marketing and once you take full advantage of them your business will reap the rewards. Being a strong writer is no longer a prerequisite because you can outsource that. Being aware of the worth of article marketing is more significant. Your company and its product or services essentially get free publicity and exposure with article marketing. Adding article marketing to your company’s marketing plan is imperative. It will help you get your message out to the masses and will help you expand your trademark.

If your business wants to use a low cost, result producing form of marketing then it is crucial that you include article marketing to your marketing arsenal. Your business will then be powered to the next level with your consistent success.

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Article Source: ArticleSnatch Free Article Directory

Social Capital – How Does It Matter

The internet and social media has redefined the way we connect, act and react. Our social capital is not a function of our online and offline networks. With online social media one can now connect with millions of people across the globe which was never possible earlier. Every individual can now have powerful and interesting social media presence.

That being said, not all can become powerful on social media. One needs to consistently work on building his social capital, understand people and build his network. One may also look at connecting with highly influential people in the social media space and with them as connectors, build his own network.
Different social media platforms act differently as well. While it may take less than a minute to connect to someone on twitter, LinkedIN does require a formal introduction via your existing contact to connect.

Once your network grows, your reputation, social capital and influence over others multiply. Just imagine, if you have a six figure friend list in twitter – how many people would be interested in following you. How influential you’d be in the social media space. Although not all connections are equal, all of them do add value to your network. You may not connect in the same way with your twitter friend as you do with your family – but how many success stories do we hear originating from twitter daily?

Sane business marketers have already realized the power of social media in building their networks. They do know that the benefits will not be near term – however, are we so short sighted that we cannot see what the world will be and how will we interact over the years to come?

Building networks has never been so rewarding and easy. However, building a reputation would require consistent efforts where your social friends respect you and come to you when they need help.

Happy networking !

By: Nipa N Shah

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Nipa Shah is the founder and visionary who has shaped Jenesys Group, LLC (www.jenesysgroup.com/) based in Detroit, Michigan and is known as an expert in the field of Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. You can contact Nipa for expert advice on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Online PR or any internet marketing related needs or questions visit jenesysgroup.com or call at 248-470-6299.

This Chiropractic Marketing Tip Is Almost Too Easy

photo_2578_20081212If this doesn’t get you excited, nothing will. And, frankly, I probably shouldn’t even be telling you this because it DOESN’T even require the Chiropractic Dashboard to work like crazy. In fact, you can start benefitting from this powerful chiropractic patient attraction tip immediately after you finish this email. Excited yet? No? Just hang tight, you will be. Trust me.

First, a question… Have you ever stained a deck? Yeah… a deck… a wooden one… have you ever stained one? No? Well, me neither. I was absent the day the Big Guy upstairs handed out “handyman” skills. Anyway, when I lived in New Jersey I had this really nice cedar and Trex deck installed overlooking my backyard of about a 1/4 acre. It kind of had this mid-western feel to it… really nice.

If you’re not familiar with Trex, it’s sort of like a tough plastic that doesn’t require any maintenance, and is sometimes used as decking. Perfect for a ‘home repair challenged’ guy like myself. The only maintenance it did require was an annual application of the cedar stain on the cedar. Of course, I had to call our handy man in each year to do it for me, but nevertheless, it got done. I think we paid him around $400 or so to restain all of the cedar which was fine by me and good for him. What amazed me, though, was that every year when it was time to have the deck restained again, if I didn’t call the handyman to come back he would never call me. And, because of that, there were many years where I didn’t end up calling the handyman back for well over a year and a half, if not more.

What the heck does my deck and lack of maintenance skills have to do with your chiropractic practice? A heck of a lot! Here’s why: Most of your patients are just like me. No… not bad with tools… but… busy. Sometimes so busy, running around with tons on their personal To Do list that their chiropractic care falls by the wayside. In some cases, it falls by the wayside for so long that they either forget about it altogether or, more likely, they become uncomfortable calling your office to schedule a new appointment, embarrassed that it’s been so long. What happens then? They don’t call and don’t come back for care with you. And, the typical chiropractic office chalks them up as a former patient… a lost patient. Meanwhile, they’re not lost. They’re just what we would call INACTIVE. And, until you do something proactive to REACTIVATE them, they’re going to stay inactive.

The good news is that statistics show over 50% of your inactive patients would become active again in your office if you simply contacted them about getting started again. That’s 5 out of 10 inactive patients you’re currently not seeing right now, that would come back in to your office and start-up their care program again with you, if you simply contacted them. Contact them, how? Doesn’t matter. Postcard, letter, staff call, email, online video, audio postcard. The key is just letting them know you’re concerned about them, not angry or upset with them, and would love to get them back on the right track again. And, if you can contact them more than once, for the ones who don’t respond to your initial contact, even better. Most of the time 3 properly written contacts to a list of 10 inactive patients will turn into 4 to 6 reactivated patients for you. Really!

Now, because of the automation and ease that comes with email, and online audio and video, I’m personally partial to using the Internet to reactivate patients. But, again, you don’t have to use the Internet. However, with something online like the Chiropractic Dashboard you don’t have to worry about sending out letters or postcards or whether your staff is making the calls to your inactive patients at the correct time or not. Online, with something like the Chiropractic Dashboard, you can have the 3 contacts being done for you, with email, audio, and video, all on total autopilot without you ever having to think about it. You can experience it yourself by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.

Regardless, though, remember… Don’t lose patients and cash flow just because they haven’t been into your office in a while. Even if it’s been months, it’s important to recognize, with some simple contacts executed at the correct time you could start bringing back half of your inactive patients. Think of the financial impact that would have on your practice and lifestyle. HUGE!

Sidebar: I wonder how much money our former handyman is losing ever year by not contacting former customers about having their decks restained. Probably THOUSANDS! With some simple contacts he could probably reclaim most of that. You too, in your practice.

Source: http://www.ArticlePros.com/author.php?Todd Brown

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