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Local Marketing With Email

By Melanie Oca

You will sometimes listen to people singing the good remarks of the world-wide-web with regards to advertising and marketing a company. They will speak about the capacity to get to lots of people from all around the globe through the use of marketing via email. Using the simple push of a mouse button they will have instant, and cost-free, hitting the ground with thousands or millions of prospective customers. While this is a great facet of using the world-wide-web for your business making, what happens if you would like to target your local area? How can local e-mail marketing succeed?

The identical concept can also work equally well for you even if you have a more localized focus. Email marketing is very user-friendly and even if you have never sent an e-mail before a person may easily learn a couple of basics and set this method to help you.

Certainly, the vital thing you will want is a list of clients, or potential customers, names and emails to deliver your email to. There are a few methods you could use to begin to build a ‘subscriber’ list.

If you have an internet site you should incorporate an ‘opt-in’ box on your website. When they join to be given your emails they’re opting-in to your list, which means they’re providing you with authorization to contact them and shields from spam problems. The procedure can easily be computerized by the use of an economical auto responder support.

Yet another way you are able to build your subscriber list is to ask the consumers who come into your store to join up for your emails. One aspect will be present with both scenarios: to get them to join receive your email messages you have to supply them a reason why. Never forget that your customers will be asking ‘What’s there for me?” That is why it’s important to inform them that they will gain by joining your list.

As soon as they have opted- in to your list you may send them coupons, early bird sale details, etc. This can provide much more customer loyalty and make them feel like they’re special and valued. Let your customers know what incentives they’ll get and that will motivate them to join your email list.

Once you’ve got some folks on your list, in order to send out a group of emails you can either send them yourself manually (all you have to do is put all the e-mail addresses into a group and they’ll all receive the same message) otherwise you can use a specialist service to handle your e-mail marketing, it’s all your decision.

The most important thing to keep in mind that local e-mail marketing is a very successful and cost-effective way to improve the amount of consumers you’ve got as well as enhancing customer loyalty with your existing consumers. Never forget about this very efficient solution to assist you to improve your business. In todays competitive business surroundings you’ll need every advantage you can get. [http://www.mindgamemarketing.com]Video Marketing is actually a scheme which facilitates and encourages people to pass along marketing video clips about services and products available. This could be successfully done by using [http://mindgamemarketing.com/social-media-marketing/]Social Media Marketing, a great method that provides links, attention as well as huge numbers of page views by advertising your website or organization through social media channels.

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Tips on How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Photo by enriqueburgosgarcia
by Yodle

Let’s begin this week’s Yodle Tipster from Local Online Advertising for Dummies. We will jump all the way to pages 300 through 304 from Chapter 16, Staying at the Top of Customers’ Minds, to discuss cost-effective ways you can keep in contact with your current clients.

Although a quality service, a competitive price, and superb customer service are huge factors in maintaining repeat business from your customers, nothing quite compares to the emotional connection a customer has to your business. If your customer feels personally connected to your business, they will come back, even if you’re not all that different from the competition. Therefore, if you want them coming back for more, you have to create and maintain that connection, facilitate two-way communication with customers to build long-term loyalty, and foster ongoing business with them.

To achieve the goal of building a personal relationship with your customers, there are a number of simple ways. Here are some useful tips the book offers, all of which are easy to do and cost virtually nothing to execute.

1. Send thank you emails: These days, technology has made writing the thank you note a whole lot faster. You can send a business email to confirm a purchase or scheduled appointment or other activity and simultaneously thank the customer for their business. Thank you emails can also help in other ways – like suggesting other products or services you offer, soliciting e-newsletter subscribers, acquiring testimonials for your website, generating more fans on your Facebook page, etc.

2. Use e-newsletters: An e-newsletter is a form of communication to your customers sent out on a regular basis. E-newletters build loyalty from your customers by building your brand, keeping them up to date with important information about your company, and offering material that presents you as a thought leader in your industry.

3. Conduct satisfaction surveys: By allowing your customers to voice their opinion in a satisfaction survey, you can gain helpful feedback that you need to know about your business. In addition, by doing so, you also show your customers that you value their business if you choose to do a survey online. Some great online resources include SurveyMonkey.com and SurveyGizmo.com.

By following the above suggestions, you will do your best to keep your customers coming back!

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Bridging the Gap for Business Growth

by Loren Fogelman

Think about the original reason you decided to open your business. Connect with the excitement and anticipation you felt imagining the impact you were going to make in your community, being of service to others and feeling appreciated by your clients. Tap into the feeling of your business making a difference in their lives.

How was your life going to be different once you reached your ideal goal?

Now consider your current business, where are you now? What progress have you made toward reaching your goal? Along the way some things could not have been anticipated. What challenges have come up affecting your vision? How do you deal with unforeseen problems and conflict?

Crossing the gap

The process of envisioning the ideals for creating your business, contemplating where you are now along with considering the challenges while building your business is known as the gap. The gap is the space between where you are now and where you would like to be. The gap is very interesting, causing an emotional and behavioral affect.

We all have a gap in our business. The difference is based upon how you choose to bridge the gap. Know your goals. Once that has happened you can develop a navigation tool which will help you stay the course, successfully arriving at your destination.

My favorite approach is to develop a plan from the future goal back to the present, called reverse engineering. Along the way you create milestones. Those are your destinations of where you want to be by a specific date. Consider the step you need to take to reach each milestone. This will be your action plan.

Be Creative

This process can be applied to the creative thinker as well as the cognitive planner. So many different tools are available. Whatever is your style, there is something for you. These include vision boards, calendars, brain mapping and flow charts. Consider trying two different ones to challenge your right and left brain. You might be surprised with the results.

The tool you are willing to use is the one which is right for you. Expect the Unexpected Unexpected challenges will appear along the way as you are taking the steps to grow, and expand, your business. Do you meet those challenge head on, continuing to progress toward your vision, regardless of how uncomfortable it is? Maybe you think about the problem for awhile as you figure out what action plan to implement next. Or you could give up in defeat, believing you were not supposed to be following this avenue after all. Where do you fit in?

Your approach to the gap depends upon your beliefs, perceptions, prior experiences and support system. The most successful entrepreneurs take imperfect decisive action. The mindset is to continue making progress toward the set goal while correcting the course along the way. The gap is not a challenge, but an opportunity. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on where they are now, what is right in front of them. Although the day to day operations need to be addressed, they distract you from your goal. As a result it is possible to lose sight of the BIG picture, the original intention for going into business.

If you find you are getting off track get an accountability buddy. Having another like-minded entrepreneur who you check in with on a regular basis is powerful. Just the process of checking in on a regular basis for a couple of minutes helps to maintain focus, keeping you on course. This is not a long chat on a phone going over your social plans. Instead it is a brief 5-minute check in stating your intentions for the day which will help to keep you focused on your goals.

Strategy is your blueprint to success

Without a strategy it is difficult to determine if you are veering off course. Worse yet, maybe you never set a course to begin with. You continue to work in your business, but don’t have a definite direction. If that is the case, how would you ever know when you have arrived?

Of course it is necessary to address your current business needs right now, but you also want to maintain awareness of your business goals. If your goals are designed for growth, they will continue to stretch you. Not only will your business grow, but you will experience personal growth as well. They go hand-in-hand. You cannot grow your business alone. Personal growth occurs as you step out of your comfort zone.

Welcome feedback

Solopreneurs tend to be very controlling. It is part of our nature. There is a need to know all, be all. Well, sometimes that approach backfires.

There are just some things you will not know how to do yet. Don’t attach any judgment to it. It is all part of the process of growing your business and coming across something new and unexpected.

When you begin feeling overwhelmed, doubting your goals are realistic and feeling stuck, consider getting support. This might include asking a trusted alliance for feedback, hiring a virtual assistant or asking a mentor for guidance.

Determining which next action steps to take maintains momentum. Continue to evaluate your progress, where you are now and whether you need to make a course correction. This process is fluid and things will change as you move along. Be open to the possibility that the end result might turn out very different than you originally anticipated. This does not mean failure. In fact, things very rarely end up just as you envisioned.

Feel that you are ready to move forward toward your vision, but overwhelmed about everything which needs to get done to reach that goal? Doubting your abilities? You have tried to reach milestones before but end up getting sidetracked? Well, instead of looking at these things as negatives what if they could be used as information to help you reach your current goal successfully. The truth is the end result is important, but it is the journey which enriches you.

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From Loren Fogelman, the success expert, founder of Mindset for Marketing Success.