When Customers Compete … You Win!


If you run a restaurant or a retail store, you can create a special menu item or product that provides incentive for your customers to compete.

A buddy of mine runs a wing joint. He has several levels of hot wings, with the hottest one being “Volcano”. I suggested that he push the Volcano wings and if they could finish them, he could offer to take their picture and hang it up on the “Wall of Flame”. He now has dozens of pictures up there, and people come in, with their friends, to show off their accomplishment, and they try to beat their friends!

Some other ideas for different businesses:

  • Coffee Shop – “Major Buzz” – giant mug/cup of coffee
  • Bar/Tavern – giant drink from something related to your town or bar – a boot, viking helmet, football helmet
  • Ice Cream Shop – a huge cone “XXXXL”
  • Book Store – “Book Worm of the Month”
  • Restaurant – giant burger, steak, etc.

One way to add to the allure of the competition would be to make them sign a waiver (a fake one of course).

You could also give them a t-shirt or bumper sticker telling the world what they accomplished. It will certainly get people asking them what it’s all about!

Can you think of any products that you could create that could instill competition between your customers?

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