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How Content Marketing Helps to Build your Business?

Over the past few years, content marketing has evolved into one of the most powerful tools in the strategic marketing approach. Having good content on the website is important not only to gain traffic and generate leads but also to educate customers with consistent & valuable information about products and services. As the consumers are more adapting to online websites for gathering information and making purchase decisions, companies have realized to spend more on the content marketing to attract and retain them for profitable business.

Make content as a part of marketing process
Don’t get mislead by the word content marketing as it is not the direct marketing method that people used to follow in the traditional way to sell their products. Companies are no longer pushing their customers to take the decisions, instead they are providing valuable and relevant content and leaving the choice to the customers to make the judgement in an intelligent way. No matter what kind of marketing techniques they adopt to attract the customers, quality content should be integrated into their existing system, so that they can approach customers in a right way.

Content is an important aspect of digital marketing
The value of quality and consistent content stretches across the various aspects of digital marketing, from creating blogs and building links to establishing the brand through social media channels. Each piece of content that is created in the form of blog, article or message has the ability to go viral and spread across thousands of users in social media networking sites and rank well in the search engines, thus creating popularity to the brand. Well, if we look from the search engine point of view, Google is very particular about fresh and quality content as it is the main approach through which businesses connect with their customers. Because of this reason many digital marketing service providers recommend their clients to have high-quality optimized content so that it ranks better in search results and brings value to the end user.

Good content Improves traffic,lead generation & sales
Content with valuable information can make a difference for the business, in adding new customers as well as retaining the old ones. Most of the users read the content that is shared in the social media websites and educate themselves before they make decisions on any product. If the user is impressed by the content, he will definitely come back to the website and retain longer which is always good for fetching higher traffic and generating more leads. In fact, a good blog or article that has been posted on the internet may always get referrals from other websites or blogs, if they think it is worth sharing with others.

Encourages customer interaction
Whether it is getting an advice on the product or completing the sales transaction, customer always seeks the same experience every time they interact with the company through online channels. Companies must also continuously work to enhance the customer satisfaction as it is one of the deciding factors for business performance and customer loyalty. Hence, consistency in content is very important when businesses are trying to establish a connection with the customer. Producing content with correct advice and guidance provide greater customer experience and adds higher credibility to any business.

Marvist Digital Marketing, a 10 year old premium company, has established a special niche for their high-end professional service to the small and medium enterprise market segments in US & UK. Over the years, Marvist served nearly 1000+ medium firms with its expertise and innovative approach that offered true economic value to the customers.

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Marketing and Public Relations Is The Key

by Deepika Saluja

Difference between marketing and public relations is extremely fine. The former is a broader concept and refers to making your product known through various mediums. And the latter is a small part and looks at maintaining the relationship that the consumer has created with the brand post marketing. Public relations has emerged to be a very import element of marketing as consumers now need to know their brand well, feel confident about it and trust the manufacturers. While marketing helps a brand create goodwill, public relation works as support system in maintaining that goodwill.

Online advertisements are often considered to be disruptive and annoying. With pop ups to flashy displays online advertisements have not laid impressive effects on brand users. It will be unfair to state that all online advertisements have not set effectiveness. There has been interesting work by brands in India. From teaser campaigns to utilisation of search engines for brand navigation, brands in India have tired their hand on everything. Though we have brands still replicating tvcs on video platforms industry experts believe online advertising is here to grow and take the users to brands potential platform of sales and product displays.

In the milieu of the slow economic scenario media planning and strategy hold extensive importance. To spend in right amounts on the right platforms is the need of the hour. As recession comes closer brands and marketers are very particular on investing in advertising. Thus, for any platform to be an integral part of the media mix, has to portray its strength and ability to generate RoI. Television and digital form a very integral part of media mix for any brand. Television provides fragmentation and digital is the hot trend that gives brands the opportunity to go beyond the traditional target audience. Radio, Out of home and print are often used as ad ons to these two mediums.

Increasing transactions in the share markets and high level of awareness amongst readers today has generated a whole new set of readers today for business news papers. Business news paper s once served the purpose of providing news that are more financial in nature and are not read a lot by the common man. However, now they give more information, analysis, figures, statistic to meet the increasing demand of the readers. Pink papers play more or less the role of a finance guide to existing and prospective businessmen, investors and students studying in finance.

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Learn How to Effectively Build an Email List

by April Spradlin

Creating a list of targeted subscribers should be your first priority as an Internet marketer.

Obviously, if you are unable to put together an email list, then creating a business that will last a long time will be an unattainable dream. You should start putting a list together at once, if you are going to start a lasting IM business. However the question that happens here is what things in particular should you be taking into account when forming your list? What’s the right way to do it? There’s not one answer to these questions as a number of factors are responsible for successful list building. The following article discusses some simple to use recommendation that you can apply when creating a list of responsive subscribers.

People subscribing to your list are searching for a certain type of content, and it’s up to you to give it to them. The only way to hold onto your subscribers is to consistently provide quality content to them. Not only will your subscribers appreciate top notch content, they’ll be inclined to bookmark it, share it and forward it. Make it a priority to provide people with content that makes your list stand out. Your goal should be to make it memorable so people want to share it. If you want to get the most out of your list, this is something you should pay attention to.

Make your subscribers feel special by having content that only they can see. This will give people an incentive to subscribe to your list. Make sure this content is highly valuable so that anyone subscribing shouldn’t feel like hitting the unsubscribe button. If people like this content, you’ll be giving them a good reason to remain subscribed to your list. A private page on a WordPress blog can only be accessed with a password, and this is easy to create. The more value you provide to your subscribers, the more you’ll get out of your list. If you want to hold onto the subscribers you have and keep getting new ones, focus on delivering value.

If you want your subscribers to feel they’re getting something of value from you, start a newsletter. You don’t have to be intimidated by the idea of having a newsletter, as it’s not hard at all to do. It’ll allow you to reach out to your target audience and give them a reason to sign up. Besides this, you’ll also be able to build your brand in your market. It can also help your list grow, as some of your subscribers might share your newsletter if they like it. And this will automatically give you the needed word of mouth marketing.

Every single step that you take towards building your email list will ultimately, help you get the most out of your online business. Your email list is an asset that can help you make your online business successful. This is an asset that you can take advantage of whenever you desire. With your expenditures, it is a gainful machine.

So if you haven’t yet formed your list, you need to do so now. Make some tangible moves in creating your list and you’ll be there instantly. Just remember that you need to be ethical with the moves you make, not matter what you do.

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