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The Secret to Getting Past Your Prospects Objections

by Jeff Faldalen

You sit by the phone staring at it, knowing you have to pick it up if you are going to be successful in your new network marketing business. You run every known scenario through your head of how you are going to answer any objection your prospect brings up.

Its on, your ready….

You grab the phone with a power grip, ready to explode any barrier your prospect throws at you, then looking at the key pad, you stop…. and start thinking again! Does any of this sound familiar? If so, then understand it might not be your fault. And by the end of this article you will be free of the one eye’d rejection monster.

After all…

You are a hard working person, willing to do what ever it takes to be successful, right? If you didn’t believe you could be successful, there is no way you would have joined the business in the first place. You know getting prospects is the life blood of having success! But how do you over come those dreaded objections you know they are going to bring up?

It doesn’t have to be this hard…

Now remember what I said about it might not be your fault? Well, this is what I mean. The reason you are having the issues with what to say is because of your belief about what you are doing. Stay with me….. Let me ask you this: What do all your friends say about network marketing? Is it fair to say, most of them think it is a crazy pipe dream? Or that’s one of them there dang pyramid schemes?

So why do you believe what you believe?

Its simple, by what you expose yourself to. Whether we like it or not, we are the sum average of our five best friends. So take a look who you are hanging out with and it will give you a pretty good idea of how others see you. See, when you believe, I mean really believe in what you are doing, there is nothing that will stop you.

So how do you change this?

The first question to ask yourself, what is your why? Why are you doing this business? Now you might asking, why is this important? Because! the reason you are doing your business has to be stronger then the fear you have to face. You know, the fear we talked about in the beginning.

Now this is where it gets real interesting….

See most people don’t value success enough, to go through what is needed in order to get them there. They hit the road running, ready to take on the world, then reality hits them. They get a few no’s, they don’t know that many people and the list goes on and on. You know what I am talking about right? But here is the magic. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and really get it deep down inside of you of yourself and say, do I believe in what I am doing?

More about that in a minute, because there something else we need to do first….

Now this next question is what separates the boys from the men, sort of speak. Do you really believe in yourself? Because I am sure this thought has crossed your mind. How can I tell others they can be successful, when I haven’t achieved it yet. Or something like that, right? When I understood what I am about to tell you, everything and I do mean everything changed for me. You are not responsible for someone else’s success. Yes, you need be honest and ethical, point them in the right direction and be there for them, if they are teachable.

Now think about this….

Here is how you know when you really believe in what you are doing. You will do everything possible to get your opportunity in as may hands as possible because you realize, you can’t change their life until they are willing to invest in themselves. Once I realized this, there was no stopping me. Because if I have something that can change peoples lives and I am not sharing it, what does that make me?

I say all of that, to say this…

When you tap into your incredible uniqueness and realize there is not a person on this planet that can do what you can do. And more importantly, do it the way you do. There will be no one who can take away your dreams and the fear of objections will pass in the night. Because your conviction for what you do will be so apparent, no one will question you.

And the best part is…

You already have everything you need to have success. It is all inside of you. If you are a parent, you know how to speak with authority towards you children. When you were a child, the thought of “I can’t walk” never entered your mind. You seen others do it and you where willing to bang your head, fall on your butt, what ever it took. So go out there and make your dreams a reality and if there is anything I can do to help, be sure to let me know. Because if your dreams mean that much to you, the fear of bothering others or asking questions will fall by your side.

About the Author

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Have You Branded Yourself?

by Barb Ross

Have you branded yourself? No, I am not referring to how the farmers brand their livestock. That would hurt. My skin in not that tough.

I am referring to, if someone googles your name, do you get lots of sites showing up, or are you a missing link?

Google Barb Ross and see what you get? It’s not a lot of stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

To brand yourself, you need to always use the same name. Don’t make up a different nickname for each site you join. Try to keep it the same. If that’s not always possible, then try and keep your second name the same when you need to use it.

Then add a picture of yourself. Put your pictures on all the adds you use that allows it. Make up your own splash pages so you can have your picture showing.

Eventually people are going to see your picture and your name and say, “Wow!!! I have seen him/her somewhere else. I remember a site I joined that they were promoting that I really liked.”

People have to gain a trust in you and therefore will trust what you promote.

Make a blog about you. Put your picture on it. Talk about your family, your hobbies, let them know you are human. Not some robot just shooting out ads about any old site.

You can put some of your favorites on your blog. Just don’t fill it up with lots of business sites. It will loose it’s meaning of being about you.

Think about how it is when you are seeing sites. How do you feel when you start seeing the same person over and over again. Do they gain your interest?

Online marketing is a tricky business. We never really get to know the real person behind the ad. By branding yourself, you have given them some information on yourself that maybe others aren’t.

Barb Ross

About the Author

I am busy with quite a few different things these days. Getting so well known on the internet that people are asking for my help. I have found a forum that has really helped me get the word out and make money doing surveys at the same time. For more helpful hints, visit my blog.

Secrets To Getting Customer Loyalty

by Adriana Noton

As a business owner or anyone who works with customers, your main goal is to get customer loyalty. You want those customers to keep coming back for more. While many different places are creating cards that gives those who have them incentives to practice this, many of these places have forgotten the old fashioned things that creates this. What are some of those things?

One of those things is just how you interact with customers. Customers want to be heard. They want to know that they have your attention. They want to be able to have a wide variety of ways to get a hold of the people that they are wishing to speak to. Opening that line of communication will ensure that they have what they need to be a customer of yours.

The next thing that will give you this is by taking the time to work with customers and making it seem as though you really want to work with them. All too often people swear off companies because they feel that the person that was helping them if anyone at all helped them was rude to them. Things like answering the phone and not telling a person that you have to take that call or even not greeting them can make it seem as though you don’t want to help them or that you take them seriously.

Something else that will ensure that your customers will keep coming back is that you take into consideration what they are feeling. There are times when they might have thought the price was something else. They might have thought that coupon wasn’t expired. Sometimes, in order to keep clients you have to meet them half way.

Another thing is that you think before you speak. The tone you use and the words you use can be seen as offensive to customers. You want to approach them with a smile and a warm greeting. This makes them feel as though hey I’m welcome here. That is something that makes a person feel very nice. How could you pass this up.

There are other things as well. One of those other things is that you work with deadlines. If you set a date or tell them that something will be done by a certain date, then you keep your word. All too often now days, people don’t pay any attention to this. When you tell a customer something like this you are basically making a promise or a contract in one way or another. They trust your word and therefore, they expect it to be done.

Last of all, when it comes to good customer service, you should make sure that you own up to things. If you make a mistake, fix it. If they can’t find what they are looking for, try making it up to them. Go that extra mile. When you do, it might give you a happy customer.

These are all things that you can do to make sure that customers keep coming back. It’s the things like this that keep customers thinking that they do come first like a customer should. So, if you aren’t practicing these, then you might have so many loyal fans. It’s time to get back to what really matters.

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