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Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Here is a quick excerpt from Tim Castleman’s recent blog post:

1. When a customer buys give them a chance to spend more money right away. They will never be hotter than they are at the time of purchase so give them every chance to spend as much as they want with you.

2. Make it easy for others to tell their friends about you. Give discounts, coupons, free trials, and more. One hairstylist I know offers a $25 discount per hair cut when you refer someone to his business. Get 4 friends to visit and the next cut and color is on him. He tracks the referrals on fancy 3×5 cards

Too simple you say?

Well he went from nothing to several dozen clients a week doing little more than this.

My point is make it easy for your champion customers to do battle for you and give them all the tools they need to do so.

3. Focus on the total customer experience. Remember that you will be judged on everything you do and send to your customers.

You can view the entire post here:

Successful Personal Trainer Marketing Tips: Why Listening Is Important

by Steve Hochman

You probably know that many personal trainers make the mistake of doing all of the work themselves. That can cause you to lose money and opportunities in building your business.Please pay attention because this is vital…

One night I was at my favorite movie theater watching a great release…

Then, I saw a couple sitting on the far left whispering while I was trying to watch the movie. All of this was bugging me, but I noticed how the woman paid attention to her partner’s every word.

The guy was talking about his life, work, goals, and accomplishments as if he had traveled the world before this night. It was amazing in the beginning, but I never heard the lady say a word. In a way, the guy tried to control the whole conversation without letting her join in with her opinion or personal experiences. Basically he thought the movie and the girl he was with was less important than himself.

Now, I was curious of why the lady just sat there listening to him go on and on about his life. All of this drew me to the fact they met over the internet and were at their first movie together. His problem was the inability to listen to her when she wanted to speak.

With this in mind, how many fitness professionals go on and on about their accomplishments without listening to their clients? The list is utterly ridiculous and your ability to listen is probably the reason your clients quit their programs.

If you want to build your business, you have to listen to your clients. Any personal trainer trying to build a reputation needs to understand what their client wants so they can create programs to do just that. Never take the initiative to change your client – your client has to want the same thing if you want to keep them long-term.

Stop and think about this….

You have to LISTEN to them if you want to make money.

No matter what kind of personal trainer marketing strategies you use. You have to know what’s going on in their minds and hearts or else you will lose their respect.

Build a relationship by providing WHAT THEY WANT.

Then create workout programs to match their goals in a realistic manner.

I have not met one customer that cared about a trainers certifications, degress, or years of experience more important than their ability to focus on their needs. What does your client want to achieve in their workouts? How can you emphasize on that and build a stronger presence in their hearts? The ball is in your court on whether you listen or not.

The 23 year old college graduate wants to hear about her losing her love handles… so you give her compliments once she overcomes each milestone.

The 41 year old entrepreneur wants to know how great his golf swing has improved so you create programs to help his swing improve over time. You have to focus on how he needs to increase his stamina and energy to make more money so he can have more time to focus on his game. Not only will your workouts make his golfing better, but it will also make him a better businessman to build a strong financial future.

Now, what makes you think YOU are the answer to making more money? It’s not you or your personal trainer marketing strategies – it’s your ability to listen to your client’s every need and the ability to try to fulfill it.

All of your clients want to achieve their goals by working with you, but you have to step out of the picture so they can grow into their own level of success.

Just as I mentioned in the beginning, the two at the movies were only a simple example. Imagine how bad it could be for you if you were on that date. If it were your choice, would you go out with that guy again? Or would you choose someone who wants to listen?

About the Author

Steve Hochman is a personal training marketing expert and gives away tons of his proven client getting tips for free. Check out his Personal Trainer Marketing Tips here

The New Rules of Restaurant Marketing

By Wasfi Samaan

I recently got an email from a marketing mentor of mine who was talking about the famous quote, “If you keep doing the same thing, you are going to get the same results.” The interesting thing about this email is that it is about how this is no longer true in today’s economy. What he is trying to say is what worked 6 months ago does not work today. Consumers are making significant changes in their spending habits and are doing so it a very fast pace. We have to work harder to entice that customer, as well as keep them.
After returning home from my vacation, I realized that I was doing the same thing as far as marketing. I was depending on only a few ways to get new customers and keep my customers coming back.

Immediately, I took action by creating a new happy hour. Instead of running ½ price appetizers, I started running all my appetizers at a discount all day but priced at more than half price. After doing this for a couple of months, I realized that I was making more money per appetizer. In addition, anyone who dined in our restaurant was able to enjoy a game of bowling at a 50% discount. This encourages cross promoting between the restaurant and the bowling center.

Next, I created an online back to school coupon that the potential customer would need to input their email address to receive. Not only will this help with knowing how many coupons have been downloaded in order to staff properly, but this will give you permission to email any other offers you have at a later date.
In addition, I posted a 4 question survey to see what customers would like on our menu. If a customer filled the survey then they would get a $5 food coupon. People love free money, especially if all they have to do is tell what they like to eat! Just make sure the survey is short and to the point.

The next promotion we launched is kids eat free every day with an adult meal purchase. Many families are becoming smart shoppers in this economy, and if they can save without bringing in a coupon they will come out. This is a big one! Families are looking for places they can go to save. If they can go and eat what they want and not have to pay for their kids to eat, but still enjoy their company, then they will come.
We also started promoting with all the local hotels. You can either print a discount card they can pass out or advertise in the hotel’s magazine. Make sure in all advertising you place your website address in a visible location on all your marketing pieces.

Lastly, we sent out a mailing to our database in celebration of our 10 year anniversary. Make sure when you are mailing to your customers that you have a reason like a birthday, an anniversary, or a holiday. Always put some kind of offer that will entice them to come to the restaurant.

Another thing you can do to celebrate your anniversary is to not only give them a special offer if they come in on the anniversary, but to give them a sealed envelope with a special discount coupon that they cannot open until they come in a second time. The discounts can be of free menu items, a free meal, a party of 12 to bowl free, etc. Also, consider offering a grand prize. The point of this sealed envelope is to entice people to come back. Be sure to put a deadline on when they must use the sealed envelope.
Something else you can do is to offer “all you can eat menu items with the purchase of a meal.” For example, instead of offering discounts on specific items, try offering all you can eat fries with the purchase of a meal or all you can eat shrimp. Whatever side menu order you are famous for would be the best item.
For those who have bars inside their restaurant, consider marketing to families by offering alcohol as an accessory to the food instead of as the main reason to stop in. Create a place where a person can bring their kids, but the adult can still get a nice alcoholic drink with dinner. This will eliminate the chance that people will not come to your restaurant because you have a bar. Maintain a family atmosphere, so the entire family can come and spend!

Also make sure to not forget social marketing especially the use of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Remember, consumers have less money to spend these days. Even if they still have their jobs and are still making the same amount of money, their perspective has changed because of how society has changed around them and they are taking precautions and saving for “just in case.”

However, while people are being more careful with their money, they are still spending. They are still going out, eating out, and having fun. They are just doing a lot more comparing and seeing where they can get the most for their money.

Think of it this way, it easier to earn $1 ten ways then to earn $10 one way. By this, I mean you must have multiple ways to get more customers. This is true now more than ever!

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Wasfi(Wes) Samaan

President, http://www.instantrestaurantprofits.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/