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Chiropractic Marketing: Is This The Most Effective Way To Get New Patients?

by Ben Cummings

This article reveals a chiropractic marketing strategy that is one of the most reliable ways to get patients. It costs almost nothing. It can jump start a stagnant practice and has been utilized to build six-figure practices from scratch. You are about to master the power of the Community Meet and Greet.

Is this the most effective way to get new patients? I am refering to the community meet and greet.

How does this chiropractic marketing strategy work?

Here is the strategy.

Firstly, you need a practice newsletter.

All professionals should look for a way to maintain communication with their patient base. Mailing a newsletter periodically is my favorite strategy. No, don’t worry about sending the full color ones that can be self-mailed. It’s obvious to everyone you didn’t write it. I’m talking about a relationship-building newsletter.

Make about 30 copies of your most recent newsletter.

You then select a geographic area within 3 miles of your practice from which to farm for patients.

Pick out a day of the week when most residents will be home. This would be on Sunday in most parts of the country. You will take your newsletters along with a stack of Gift Certficates offering a free appointment / exam / some type of enticing introductory offer, making it easy to come in and see you.

You will go out door to door to introduce yourself to the people in this targeted community.

Your goal is to hand out one newsletter per household. You will ask them one simple question:

“My name is Dr. Blank and I own the XYZ chiropractic clinic around the corner. I am trying to increase my exposure in this neighborhood. I would like your advice on what you think would be a good way for me to get my name out there?”

You ask this question to get the person involved. In answering your question, you are getting them involved and they most often sell themselves on becoming your patient. If there is one thing we know, it is that involvement inches them closer to doing business with you.

That’s it! Every person reading this can do this without fear. Yes, you have to knock on the door. Yes, you have to speak to someone. Whoever answers the door is who you will speak with.

Not everyone will be home. As a doctor you’ll find that about 1/3rd of the people you meet will talk your ear off. ‘Oh, you’re a doctor? You know my (fill in complaint) has been bothering me lately!’

After talking about their problem with you, most will ask you ‘How hard is it to get in and see you?” At which point you can hand them the Gift Certificate or schedule them on the spot.

It’s as simple as introducing yourself, giving them a newsletter, and asking them this engaging question.

What kind of results you can expect?

Our clients tell us they get about 3 scheduled appointments for every hour they do this.

This proves very cost effective since their cost to acquire each patient is virtually zero.

If you’re a motivated doctor who’s looking for a big increase in appointments, there’s no reason why you couldn’t be generating 30 or more patient appointments every month if you were to do this on Sundays for a few hours.

A couple from California produced 400 patient appointments in just 3 months using this method. And I know another doctor that generated over 100 patients in a 2 month period.

The results can be terrific!

Try to get out of your comfort zone, bring your spouse with you, and go out into an affluent neighborhood sometime this month and hand out practice newsletters face to face. One of the most successful people I’ve ever met once said to me, ‘Try to break out of your comfort zone at least once a month; you’ll find all your breakthrough’s in life will come as a result of breaking through preconceived ideas that have been boxing you in.’

That’s pretty good advice.

About the Author

Read The 1.3 Million Dollar Chiropractic Marketing Case Study. Further, make sure you watch free chiropractic marketing video training’s of visual walk-throughs teaching the very best methods for getting patients. (just click on the blue links!) Good luck in your chiropractic marketing endeavors. — Ben Cummings

Easy PR With Radio

microSome of the easiest PR to get is from radio. Radio stations usually make up more than half of the contacts list in any media guide. There are thousands of stations in the US and Canada looking for interesting, topical, and entertaining guests.

While radio has a huge reach, they get a fraction of the advertising pie–daily newspapers get 80% in most markets. Stations have few staff, yet must come up with local programming around the clock.

News/talk stations and shows are particularly pressed to get guests. Any local talk show host will tell you it’s murder trying to do a show entirely from listener call-ins.

There are two approaches to getting on the air:

* Go the formal route. Call the station, talk with the host or producer, tell why you would be dynamite for their audience. Then show up with your bio and Q&A in hand.

* Or be more informal. Simply call in when you feel you have something worthwhile to add. It’s not unheard of to show up at the studio bearing free food.

I was a radio morning DJ for many years and would praise the gods when someone interesting would call or show up to lighten the load.

Kevin Nunley provides marketing and copy writing. Read all his free tips at http://DrNunley.com Reach Kevin at kevin@drnunley.com or (801)328-9006.

Create Your Three Letter Autoresponder Follow-Up

1255320846-iStock_000003370513XSmallA woman told me this week, “Your advertising is wasted if you don?t follow-up on your leads.” Her solution is to use a multiple autoresponder that sends her prospects a new sales message very few days.

People need to see your ad message several times before they buy. Those who buy on the first ad have already made up their mind after seeing someone else?s ad. Yours had the good fortune of reaching the customer at just the right time.

You can greatly increase sales with a three letter multiple autoresponder. There are a number of places to get these autoresponders free (fastfacts.net, getresponse.com, smartbotpro.net) and others who sell up-graded service at low cost.

Make your first letter briefly present your offer. It should be designed to get attention and bring in those who tend to quickly make up their minds to buy.

Your second sales letter should arrive the next day. Make it longer and filled with details. About 70 percent of consumers are folks who need ALL the details before they will purchase. List your features and connect them with the benefit your customer will get from those features.

Your third sales letter should be scheduled to arrive several days later. Start with “Successful people are busy. I know you probably saw my earlier messages, considered them, but haven?t yet had time to respond.”

Then give them another rundown on your offer. Bring in a fresh angle so it doesn?t seem like they are reading the same letter they saw a few days ago.

More than three sales letters tend to get ignored. If you want to send more, have your fourth and fifth letters arrive weeks or months later. Scheduling a new letter to arrive every month can catch a prospect when they?re ready to buy.

Offer Your Own Email Course

One of the most successful marketing techniques I?ve found is offering your own course via autoresponders. I introduced my Make Your Website Sell course (yes, before MYSS came out) and it is still getting gobs of sign-ups every day.

Here is how to create yours:

1. Pick a problem that lots of your customers struggle with. In my business the big stumpers are getting a site that sells, finding a way to handle email, figuring out search engines, and finding low-cost ways to advertise effectively.

A course on any of these is guaranteed to bring lots of interested prospects and customers (and you can bet I?m plugging my ads here and there during the course).

Your course could be on how to complete a basement, how to avoid an IRS audit, how to give your kids straight teeth, or anything else that customers often ask about.

2. If you don?t write or have time to pen your own articles, look for others who have written on the topic. It is perfectly legal to put their ideas in your own words (always proper to give them credit).

You can also quote the article. It is best to ask in advance, if your course is for commercial purposes. Start your article, then say expert Jane Doe has some valuable information. Include a few paragraphs of what Jane wrote. Be careful not to use so much you give away her entire article and spoil her ability to sell the information.

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice and copy writing for businesses and organizations. Read all his money-saving marketing tips at http://DrNunley.com/. Reach him from his site via email.