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Local Marketing With Email

By Melanie Oca

You will sometimes listen to people singing the good remarks of the world-wide-web with regards to advertising and marketing a company. They will speak about the capacity to get to lots of people from all around the globe through the use of marketing via email. Using the simple push of a mouse button they will have instant, and cost-free, hitting the ground with thousands or millions of prospective customers. While this is a great facet of using the world-wide-web for your business making, what happens if you would like to target your local area? How can local e-mail marketing succeed?

The identical concept can also work equally well for you even if you have a more localized focus. Email marketing is very user-friendly and even if you have never sent an e-mail before a person may easily learn a couple of basics and set this method to help you.

Certainly, the vital thing you will want is a list of clients, or potential customers, names and emails to deliver your email to. There are a few methods you could use to begin to build a ‘subscriber’ list.

If you have an internet site you should incorporate an ‘opt-in’ box on your website. When they join to be given your emails they’re opting-in to your list, which means they’re providing you with authorization to contact them and shields from spam problems. The procedure can easily be computerized by the use of an economical auto responder support.

Yet another way you are able to build your subscriber list is to ask the consumers who come into your store to join up for your emails. One aspect will be present with both scenarios: to get them to join receive your email messages you have to supply them a reason why. Never forget that your customers will be asking ‘What’s there for me?” That is why it’s important to inform them that they will gain by joining your list.

As soon as they have opted- in to your list you may send them coupons, early bird sale details, etc. This can provide much more customer loyalty and make them feel like they’re special and valued. Let your customers know what incentives they’ll get and that will motivate them to join your email list.

Once you’ve got some folks on your list, in order to send out a group of emails you can either send them yourself manually (all you have to do is put all the e-mail addresses into a group and they’ll all receive the same message) otherwise you can use a specialist service to handle your e-mail marketing, it’s all your decision.

The most important thing to keep in mind that local e-mail marketing is a very successful and cost-effective way to improve the amount of consumers you’ve got as well as enhancing customer loyalty with your existing consumers. Never forget about this very efficient solution to assist you to improve your business. In todays competitive business surroundings you’ll need every advantage you can get. [http://www.mindgamemarketing.com]Video Marketing is actually a scheme which facilitates and encourages people to pass along marketing video clips about services and products available. This could be successfully done by using [http://mindgamemarketing.com/social-media-marketing/]Social Media Marketing, a great method that provides links, attention as well as huge numbers of page views by advertising your website or organization through social media channels.

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Marketing Material Tip: The use of “we” vs. “you”

by Karin Witzig Rozell

In marketing materials, and in particular your newsletters, health and wellness pros tend to use the word “we” when speaking to their reader.

“We all need to… ” or “When considering XYZ, we must also think about…”

I find this to be habit of softening your opinion’s effect and make it palatable to a wider audience.

The intention is good, as you want your message to resonate with as many people as possible, but it’s largely ineffective.

It can also be an unconscious way of not standing out too much and avoiding the risk that not everyone will like what you have to say.

However, if you want to make your message memorable, you have to have an opinion.

Not a loud, pushy and obnoxious opinion (unless that’s your authentic style) but an opinion that gives the reader a sense that you are taking a stand for what you know to be true and that you’re not afraid to share it.

Your willingness to state your opinion actually gives confidence to your readers in your services and products.

Anything less weakens your message and frankly, makes you sound less confident about your expertise.

A better and more powerful way to present your work is to use the word “you.”

This is more direct and speaks to the reader as if you are writing only to them. It really hits home and it’s more personal. It’s bolder, fresher and doesn’t ‘beat around the bush.’

And in the health and wellness field, most potential clients desire that wake up call. They need it in order to take the risk of investing in your services/products and chance giving their health goals another go.

One way to help you step into this more effective communicating style, is to imagine one particular person that you loved working with, who achieved great results working with you, and write to THEM.

Those who are similar to them will REALLY resonate with your words and those who simply aren’t ready yet, won’t – and that’s actually perfect.

Speak directly to your readers, rather than speaking about them, and you’ll have a greater impact.

About the Author

As the Marketing Materials Maven, Karin Witzig Rozell combines her writing, coaching and nutrition counseling experience of over nine years to create powerful websites and marketing materials for health and wellness professionals. As the Founder of the member-based Wellness Professional Network, she also leads cutting-edge marketing classes on mastering the business side of healing for members. You can visit her at http://WellProNet.org and http://KarinWitzig.com.

The 3 Types of Business Referrals and When You Should Use Them (OR NOT!)

by Stephen Labuda

I LOVE REFERRALS! If you like making easy money, then you should too! Referrals are a business person’s dream because most of the work has been taken out of the process and all you have to do is follow up properly on the referral and the business is likely yours. The fact is, though, some referrals are better than others. Knowing the difference between the kinds of referrals that exist in the world of business and how to give and get them more effectively can be the key to your closing more business and making more money.Below is a list of the 3 types of business referrals and when you should use them (OR NOT!)

1. The USE MY NAME referral-You know this one. It is the kind we as business professionals give and get all the time. Someone you know tells you to call someone they know and they say, “Just USE MY NAME.” The person giving this kind of referral may have the best of intentions, but the fact is, these kinds of referrals are really not all that valuable. unless the referral is properly warmed up, it is not likely to turn into real business. You should only use this kind of referral when it is impossible to warm the referral up or time is of the essence.

2. The VITRUAL INTRO referral-Virtual intros are great. These have come about since the advent of the internet. It is simply a way of introducing someone to someone else via email. It is a great way to give and get referrals because all parties are attached to the email. It also gives you the opportunity to explain in detail why you think the two parties should get together and do business. It also offers an easy way to follow up on the referral using the initial email text. Use the Virtual Intro email whenever you can…it is second only to…

3. The FACE TO FACE INTRODUCTION referral-Obviously, there is no better way to give and get referrals than through a face to face introduction. Introducing business professionals face to face is a perfect way to start and build business relationships. It allows the parties to chat and get to know each other a bit. Face to Face introductions are certainly the most valuable type, but it can often be difficult to get all parties in the same place at the same time. Therefore, a 3-way call works great as a second choice here. Now that technology allows us to do 3-way calls from just about any phone that exists, this can be a great way to help refer business.

There you have it, 3 types of referrals and the times to use each. Practice turning USE MY NAME referrals into Virtual Intros or Face to Face Introduction referrals and you will quickly become the star of your personal network!

There is an added bonus, by giving great referrals you can help shape the referrals you receive too!

About the Author

Stephen Labuda is an entrepreneur who built his business by networking with other professionals. You can connect with him through his Boston web design website or through the Boston Networking Group.