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The Secret to Getting Past Your Prospects Objections

by Jeff Faldalen

You sit by the phone staring at it, knowing you have to pick it up if you are going to be successful in your new network marketing business. You run every known scenario through your head of how you are going to answer any objection your prospect brings up.

Its on, your ready….

You grab the phone with a power grip, ready to explode any barrier your prospect throws at you, then looking at the key pad, you stop…. and start thinking again! Does any of this sound familiar? If so, then understand it might not be your fault. And by the end of this article you will be free of the one eye’d rejection monster.

After all…

You are a hard working person, willing to do what ever it takes to be successful, right? If you didn’t believe you could be successful, there is no way you would have joined the business in the first place. You know getting prospects is the life blood of having success! But how do you over come those dreaded objections you know they are going to bring up?

It doesn’t have to be this hard…

Now remember what I said about it might not be your fault? Well, this is what I mean. The reason you are having the issues with what to say is because of your belief about what you are doing. Stay with me….. Let me ask you this: What do all your friends say about network marketing? Is it fair to say, most of them think it is a crazy pipe dream? Or that’s one of them there dang pyramid schemes?

So why do you believe what you believe?

Its simple, by what you expose yourself to. Whether we like it or not, we are the sum average of our five best friends. So take a look who you are hanging out with and it will give you a pretty good idea of how others see you. See, when you believe, I mean really believe in what you are doing, there is nothing that will stop you.

So how do you change this?

The first question to ask yourself, what is your why? Why are you doing this business? Now you might asking, why is this important? Because! the reason you are doing your business has to be stronger then the fear you have to face. You know, the fear we talked about in the beginning.

Now this is where it gets real interesting….

See most people don’t value success enough, to go through what is needed in order to get them there. They hit the road running, ready to take on the world, then reality hits them. They get a few no’s, they don’t know that many people and the list goes on and on. You know what I am talking about right? But here is the magic. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and really get it deep down inside of you of yourself and say, do I believe in what I am doing?

More about that in a minute, because there something else we need to do first….

Now this next question is what separates the boys from the men, sort of speak. Do you really believe in yourself? Because I am sure this thought has crossed your mind. How can I tell others they can be successful, when I haven’t achieved it yet. Or something like that, right? When I understood what I am about to tell you, everything and I do mean everything changed for me. You are not responsible for someone else’s success. Yes, you need be honest and ethical, point them in the right direction and be there for them, if they are teachable.

Now think about this….

Here is how you know when you really believe in what you are doing. You will do everything possible to get your opportunity in as may hands as possible because you realize, you can’t change their life until they are willing to invest in themselves. Once I realized this, there was no stopping me. Because if I have something that can change peoples lives and I am not sharing it, what does that make me?

I say all of that, to say this…

When you tap into your incredible uniqueness and realize there is not a person on this planet that can do what you can do. And more importantly, do it the way you do. There will be no one who can take away your dreams and the fear of objections will pass in the night. Because your conviction for what you do will be so apparent, no one will question you.

And the best part is…

You already have everything you need to have success. It is all inside of you. If you are a parent, you know how to speak with authority towards you children. When you were a child, the thought of “I can’t walk” never entered your mind. You seen others do it and you where willing to bang your head, fall on your butt, what ever it took. So go out there and make your dreams a reality and if there is anything I can do to help, be sure to let me know. Because if your dreams mean that much to you, the fear of bothering others or asking questions will fall by your side.

About the Author

Are you tired of getting beat up by prospects? Getting past those annoying questions are really easy if you know how. Be sure to check out Getting Past Prospects Objections. Be sure to watch this video on Getting Past Prospects Objections Report by marketing expert Jeff Faldalen

The Top Skill You Need to Increase Sales

by Evelyn Fielding

Whether you’re selling information products, small business services, real estate or widgets, there is one skill you need above all others to increase your sales. It’s not a better autoresponder series. It’s not the most competitive price. It’s not even the best product.

What you need is empathy, the ability to step into your prospects’ lives and see and experience what they’re feeling. True empathy does more than just guess or project what you want them to feel; it acknowledges who and where they are in their own individual lives.

Get Into Your Prospect’s Mind

The easiest way to get into your prospect’s mind is to ask him questions. What does he think about the world? How do his emotions affect his actions? What are his goals and aspirations? What’s his life actually like?

It takes a very good friend to go that deep, so you’ll have to ask less invasive questions until you establish a solid friendship. Empathy is even harder to develop if you’re working entirely online and don’t see or have a dialog with customers. Email and landing pages are often a one-way street, but they shouldn’t be.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and approach your product/service/writing from his angle. You will see yourself differently. Walk through your process and identify where it could be easier for the reader. Empathize with his wants and needs. Increase clarity and eliminate distraction.

Avoid Hot Buttons

Copywriting gurus preach hot buttons, those painful triggers that get prospects to act immediately. There’s a place for hot buttons in your communications, but they shouldn’t be the sole focus of your interaction with customers.

Instead, draw prospects in with your kindness, respect, intelligence, and empathy. You can address every anxiety, frustration, and trigger through empathy and stop beating your prospect over the head with his failures and shortcomings.

Avoid Urgency!!!

Nobody wants to be poked in the eye with flashing copy, huge colored words, and exclamation points!!!! Your prospect will scream and run away in eight seconds flat. Likewise with words such as extremely, hot, limited time, deal, must, act now. Unless your prospect is actually on fire, she’s not having the same emergency as your copy.

The empathetic approach understands what led the prospect to your landing page, email, or article. She didn’t just randomly click a hyperlink and stumble upon you (probably). You can’t create urgency where none existed before the page view. Acknowledge where she came from and make it clear she landed in the right spot.

Become a Trusted Advisor, Not an Expert

Being called an expert no longer has the same punch. Everyone on the Internet is an expert, so that means nobody is an expert. When you empathize with your reader or prospect, you aim to be an advisor and knowledgeable friend.

Approach the reader from a sharing viewpoint. You share your knowledge and expect him to share his with you in an exchange. You’re not above him; you’re beside him walking through a teaching experience. You are trustworthy, so he trusts you.

Admit your own shortcomings once in a while and you will seem genuine. If your product or service or copywriting helped you overcome failure, tell your prospect that. You’re in this together-you just happen to know a little more than he does.

Develop Empathy and Your Sales Will Increase

Get to know your customers and readers. Ask questions and share responses and ask more questions. Calm down your enthusiasm and urgency-unless you really are a crazy person who shouts in real life. Be genuine and human and courteous and knowledgeable.

Always approach your copy from the prospect’s perspective. Believe what he or she believes, just for a little while. Have the same goals and objectives, the same feelings and desires. Your product or service fits into a real life. If it doesn’t, why are you trying to sell it?

About the Author

To learn more about article marketing, SEO, freelance writing, copywriting careers, and branding, visit Evelyn Fielding’s blog at http://www.10000seeds.com/conqueringcontent. Reach full potential online. Maximize income. Become the expert. Conquer content.

How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

by Jill Manty

When it comes to marketing your business, business cards are one of the best things to have. Why is this? It’s simple; your prospects will have instant access to your information if they want to utilize your services. However, any old generic card will not suffice. You will need to make sure your business card stands out more than your competitor’s business cards.

How will a unique business card help you?

Look at it from a logical view. Let’s say your prospect has 5 business cards that involve companies that offer similar services to yours. If you have a unique business card design, yours will stand out and be the first one that catches their eye. People tend to get used to seeing generic business cards and will quickly skim over them. The longer your prospect looks at your card the more likely it is that they will choose your service. You want your business card to make a lasting impression, but make sure it is a good impression.

Business Card Pointers

Include A Tagline Or Slogan:
Taglines are a simple one sentence statement. You want it to be simple, relevant to your business, and catchy. Having a simple slogan will allow a person to remember it a lot easier. If you have a catering business having a tagline that says “food for less”, the prospect may be confused as to what you offer. Having a tagline that says “catering at a price you can afford” tells the prospect that you are a caterer. Catchy taglines are the best to use, much like commercial jingles, they leave a lasting impression.

Invest In Full Color Business Cards.
Full color business cards are becoming more affordable than ever before. They offer versatility to have a unique look and beat out plain two color business card. Again this goes back to having a card that stands out. You will have better luck with full color business cards.

No Templates:
You should never use a business card template under any circumstances if you want yours to stand out. Templates are limiting and will almost always come out plain and boring. Creating a business card should be done without the use of a template to ensure it will not blend with other business cards that get tossed.

Hire A Professional:
Nine times out of ten a business owner will not have design experience and will benefit greatly from hiring a professional designer. Designers tend to think outside the box which makes them better equipped to create a unique business card. They know the proper dimensions, bleeds, and the best uses of design elements.
No matter what type of business you have, business cards are one of the most vital marketing tools available. Remember that you want it to stand out above all the other cards your prospect will receive. Your best bet is to go with a professional designer and invest in your cards, as you will reap the benefits in the long run.

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