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Have You Branded Yourself?

by Barb Ross

Have you branded yourself? No, I am not referring to how the farmers brand their livestock. That would hurt. My skin in not that tough.

I am referring to, if someone googles your name, do you get lots of sites showing up, or are you a missing link?

Google Barb Ross and see what you get? It’s not a lot of stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

To brand yourself, you need to always use the same name. Don’t make up a different nickname for each site you join. Try to keep it the same. If that’s not always possible, then try and keep your second name the same when you need to use it.

Then add a picture of yourself. Put your pictures on all the adds you use that allows it. Make up your own splash pages so you can have your picture showing.

Eventually people are going to see your picture and your name and say, “Wow!!! I have seen him/her somewhere else. I remember a site I joined that they were promoting that I really liked.”

People have to gain a trust in you and therefore will trust what you promote.

Make a blog about you. Put your picture on it. Talk about your family, your hobbies, let them know you are human. Not some robot just shooting out ads about any old site.

You can put some of your favorites on your blog. Just don’t fill it up with lots of business sites. It will loose it’s meaning of being about you.

Think about how it is when you are seeing sites. How do you feel when you start seeing the same person over and over again. Do they gain your interest?

Online marketing is a tricky business. We never really get to know the real person behind the ad. By branding yourself, you have given them some information on yourself that maybe others aren’t.

Barb Ross

About the Author

I am busy with quite a few different things these days. Getting so well known on the internet that people are asking for my help. I have found a forum that has really helped me get the word out and make money doing surveys at the same time. For more helpful hints, visit my blog.

3 Tips For Use Google AdWords Profitability


by PavelNet

In this report I will show you how to create very profitable Google AdWords campaigns.But you first have to know how to create and write AdWords ads. If you are reading this report we are assuming that you know how to create AdWords ads.

Following the right strategy you can make 98%+ in profit for every campaign that you start with this very simple system. It’s easy to do but requires some testing and time to get it going correctly for each different campaign.

The first step is to create a new Google AdWords “keyword-targeted” campaign with (This point is VERY important!) “Content Network Off”.

If not, your ad will show in any AdSense site, and it will have a lot of views, but not clicks (which will lower your CTR and it will cause your Quality Score go down). And even if you get clicks, they won’t be targeted visitors.

Once again, remember to turn content network QFF in your AdWords campaigns.

Lets go back to the AdWords ad editing.

This is the tricky part. Its time to choose your keywords. Keep in mind that each click will cost you. So there is no point in having a lot of visitors, if those visitors are not going to buy anything.

You must focus in getting targeted visitors (quality traffic). That means to get clicks only from people that are looking for exactly what you have to offer, that will greatly increase your conversion ratios.

By using targeted keywords, you are giving the visitor exactly what he is looking for, and if he is a desperate buyer, he will go for with your product and make the sale.

In my campaigns, I use a total of 9 keywords only. Because I only use the most targeted keywords (well, they are keyphrases). I only use key phrases that convert visitors into customers. Each of those keywords converts at about 20% or higher.

There is no point in having a lot of keywords, even if they get you a lot of visitors or if their CPC is too low. You will only be wasting money in untargeted visitors.

If you sell, for example, Dog training eBook, the 9 keywords you must only use should be:

1. how to be a dog trainer

2. [how to be a dog trainer]

3. “how to be a dog trainer”

4. how to train my dog

5. [how to train my dog]

6. “how to train my dog”

7. buy dog training ebook

8. [buy dog training ebook]

9. “buy dog training ebook”

See that there are only 3 different keyphrases, that is how my campaigns are composed. Only 3 extremely targeted keyphrases, each one using the 3 types of keyword variations at Google, broad match, phrase match and exact match.

So what you have to do is to find and test the most 3 targeted keyphrases, and use the 3 keyword variations (broad match, phrase match and exact match) to make a total of 9 keywords for each of your campaigns.

You should only bid for very targeted keyphrases, no matter if you have to pay up to $0.30 per click. If they will be converting 20% of your visitors into buyers, you will be getting extremely high profits.

Note – If after spending in AdWords costs almost the amount of your commission, is time to stop that campaign or modify it by using new and even more targeted keywords to avoid losing money.

To find what the most profitable and high converting key phrases are, you must use Google AdWords conversion tracking. These days, most affiliate products’ Web sites, offer conversion code in their purchase pages. So you can add your conversion tracking ID to your affiliate link to track your keyword performance.

If you are promoting your own product, you can simply copy and paste the conversion tracking code generated by Google into your Thank You page.

Start finding high converting products, do conversion testing of your keyphrases to find the 3 most profitable. Use the 3 keyword variations (broad match, phrase match and exact match) to make a total of 9 keywords. Replicate each campaign with a different product and withvery targeted keyphrases as the example above.

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