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Secrets To Getting Customer Loyalty

by Adriana Noton

As a business owner or anyone who works with customers, your main goal is to get customer loyalty. You want those customers to keep coming back for more. While many different places are creating cards that gives those who have them incentives to practice this, many of these places have forgotten the old fashioned things that creates this. What are some of those things?

One of those things is just how you interact with customers. Customers want to be heard. They want to know that they have your attention. They want to be able to have a wide variety of ways to get a hold of the people that they are wishing to speak to. Opening that line of communication will ensure that they have what they need to be a customer of yours.

The next thing that will give you this is by taking the time to work with customers and making it seem as though you really want to work with them. All too often people swear off companies because they feel that the person that was helping them if anyone at all helped them was rude to them. Things like answering the phone and not telling a person that you have to take that call or even not greeting them can make it seem as though you don’t want to help them or that you take them seriously.

Something else that will ensure that your customers will keep coming back is that you take into consideration what they are feeling. There are times when they might have thought the price was something else. They might have thought that coupon wasn’t expired. Sometimes, in order to keep clients you have to meet them half way.

Another thing is that you think before you speak. The tone you use and the words you use can be seen as offensive to customers. You want to approach them with a smile and a warm greeting. This makes them feel as though hey I’m welcome here. That is something that makes a person feel very nice. How could you pass this up.

There are other things as well. One of those other things is that you work with deadlines. If you set a date or tell them that something will be done by a certain date, then you keep your word. All too often now days, people don’t pay any attention to this. When you tell a customer something like this you are basically making a promise or a contract in one way or another. They trust your word and therefore, they expect it to be done.

Last of all, when it comes to good customer service, you should make sure that you own up to things. If you make a mistake, fix it. If they can’t find what they are looking for, try making it up to them. Go that extra mile. When you do, it might give you a happy customer.

These are all things that you can do to make sure that customers keep coming back. It’s the things like this that keep customers thinking that they do come first like a customer should. So, if you aren’t practicing these, then you might have so many loyal fans. It’s time to get back to what really matters.

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Using Promotional Products to Capture New Clients

Crayons for the Kids

by Roberto Bell

Starting a new business presents a wealth of marketing opportunities. But getting new clients is a costly and time-consuming undertaking.  Even if you have a large marketing budget, you need to evaluate the most efficient use of it. You could splash out on mass media advertising, or you could do something more personal like using promotional products to get customer buying from you.

Why Promotional Products are an Effective Marketing Tool

There is such a wide variety of promotional products that no matter what your budget, there is certain to be something that fits within it. Sometimes the simplest and most inexpensive promotional items are the most effective. People love receiving gifts, and promotional products are essentially gifts that you give to potential customers. A gift sends a message that the recipient is important to you and when people feel valued, they are more inclined to give you their attention. Once you have someone’s attention, you can sell your product by explaining the benefits to them. Some people may feel obligated to buy your product after receiving a gift. While it is never a good idea to resort to bribery techniques, this can be a subtle way to introduce your products to customers who may otherwise be a little resistant to trying something new. The promotional product can be a way of capturing their interest, getting them to consider your product and possibly try it out.  Promotional products can also be gimmicky. If you make people laugh or give them something pleasant to remember you by, they will be more likely to buy from you again in the future.

How to Choose Promotional Products that Will Capture New Customers

Since you started a new business, you should have researched your target market and have an idea as to your customer profile. This should include your customers’ buying behavior, personal interests, social status and so on. Look for promotional products that fit your client profile. For example, if your profile is young working mothers, think of a promotional product that will help them organize their busy lives. This could be something like a pocket notebook and pen set that they can fit into their hand bag. It could be a shopping tote, or a fridge magnet that doubles as a shopping list.  Think of a product that will be useful to your customer. Every time they use the product, they will see your branding and think of your company and products.  If your target market has different segments, use a range of products to match the profiles of each segment. A businessman will most likely have little use for a notebook as he probably carries an electronic device but a protective cell phone pouch may be useful to him. It is also important to choose products that represent your company well. Use colors that match your company logo and branding. Go for quality products that reflect your company’s level of professionalism.

Use Promotional Products to get new Customers’ Attention

As a new business, you have a great opportunity to be creative in your marketing efforts. An effective promotional product campaign can stick in customers minds for months. Small things that may even be gimmicky can capture a customer’s attention, and that is all your need in order to be able to sell to them. Know what you want to achieve with your promotion. Know how you want to approach clients, what role the promotional product will play in helping you sell your products, and how you will pitch your customers in a non-threatening way once you have their attention. You can even flaunt convention a bit and do something unusual. In this way, you can make customers come to you by arousing their curiosity. Using promotional products as clues to the launch of a new product creates a treasure hunt effect that gets potential customers involved in the sale. By the time they discover what the product is, you have them so intrigued that they usually do not resist too much when an offer is made for them to purchase it.

Promotional products are valuable marketing tools that can be used as stand-alone campaigns or in conjunction with a broader advertising strategy. Promotional products have proven very effective as a tool for getting customers’ attention so that you can communicate your marketing message to them. Promotional products also reinforce the marketing message and provide valuable branding opportunities for a new business. Effective use of them can help a new business to capture good quantities of new customers.

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Article Source: http://www.article-buzz.com