Is On Line Video Marketing Successful

by Jeffrey Randolph

If you’re starting to do research about

Is On Line Video Marketing Successful

Then you are no doubt already familiar with how effective Web Videos can be as a way to bring in customers.

* The Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that 50% of US population will watch video online in 2010.

* 155.2 Million people watched 9 Billion videos in one month.

* 78.5% of US internet audience viewed online video

* In a one year period internet users viewed a total of 4.5 trillion display ads with an average person viewing 2,000 ads per month(Source, Com Score)

* According to Yellow Pages 80% of web users have watched a video ad online, 52% took action after viewing ad and sought more information and 12% made a purchase.

Enough Proof why the answer to the Question Is On Line Video Marketing Successful very evident.

It doesn’t really matter if you are an an internet marketer, a publisher, a restaurant owner – Web videos can lead large numbers of people to your site or blog; that means better conversions, more sales, more email list subscribers, and an increase in the amount of time people spend on your site.

So go get a web cam($30-$50) learn to use it . Use software that comes with it or if you have windows, use windows movie maker. There are online video editing companies like Jing or Camtasia who have all kinds of great features.

But stay simple and inexpensive to start. Upload your videos to You Tube, from the saved files on your computer or directly from your web cam live.

You have to become an expert on keywords and keyword research. Keywords will effect the success of everything you do online. Google adwords research tool is a good place to start. Find articles and courses you can take.

Secret weapon to video marketing, Video Sharing Companies like Traffic Geyser or Content Buzz are two examples. They will distribute your videos to 20+ video sites and also distribute your information to article, blog and social networking sites.

If you think it’s time to learn about online video marketing and you agree that on line video marketing is successful, then don’t you want to find out the specifics of the best method for making a very low cost video that can send thousands or perhaps even millions of unique visitors your way?

Think about your site getting that much free traffic, and no, I’m not just talking about You Tube here… there are other things you can do to get all those free hits.

First, you should realize, most people appreciate being able to watch video rather than always having to read, and you should really grab this chance to get started right away. See the note below and take action.

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  1. It seemsto be true that video marketing works well, but in some local country targetted visitors where the internet conection pretty slow in average, this idea can’t be implemented well. Low resolution video is possible but reducing the high credibility… Can you give solution about this matter Jeffry?

  2. Donate magazines to sitting rooms with a label on front and back stating the magazine was donated by your company. Be sure to put your website on label.

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