Need Ideas for Promotions for Your Business?

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Try using a “holiday” that relates to your business.

I posted this on my Twitter account, but I though I’d add a few nuggets here.

Here are some “observances” you can use for January:

  • Financial Planners: Financial Wellness Month
  • Computer Repair: National Clean Up Your Computer Month
  • Eye Doctor: National Glaucoma Awareness Month
  • Book Store: Book Blitz Month
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day: 15 – send them an email with a survey (and a discount)
  • Women in Blue Jeans Day: 15-16 – second hand shop – sale on all blue jeans!
  • Nothing Day: 16 – buy 1 get 1 for NOTHING!
  • Camcorder Day: 20 – 20% off all camcorders, today only!
  • Answer Your Cats Questions Day: 22 – pet store – bring your cat in for a special psychic reading!
  • Belly Laugh Day: 24 – video store – all comedy DVD’s half off!
  • National Peanut Brittle Day: 26 – buy an item over $20, get a free box of peanut brittle ($ store brand OK)
  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day: 26 – come in and pop with us!
  • Fun at Work Day: 30 – send them an email with a link to a funny video you’ve posted to youtube, at the end of the video tell them the word of the day. If they come to your store, they get 30% off!

I didn’t make any of these up. These are courtesy of the fine folks at:

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