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Business Card Marketing Ideas to Generate Leads

by Mina Palencia

We are in an economic crunch right now and your car dealership may have been among the many small businesses affected by low profit margins. In this kind of situation, buying new cars (or even used one for that matter) may not be among the top priorities of many people. You need to think of marketing ideas to generate new leads and move your car units out of the showroom.

Business cards are just the right tools to get new leads for your business without the need to spend a lot. From most online printing companies, you can have 1000 copies of business cards printed for less than $25. With these many copies, you can get your business in the forefront of many people’s minds without the added costs. All you need to know now is how to use your business card prints to your business’ advantage.

Tips on How to Use Your Car Dealership Business Cards

Hand out your cards to every client or prospective client entering your showroom. Your new clients may know someone who really needs new car and will benefit from your business card. You should also bring copies of your business cards with you all the time. You never know when you might meet someone or even an old friend who could give you new business.

You can attach a copy of your business cards in every correspondence that you send. This is especially good for business to business correspondence. You know how companies need vehicles for their employees and business. In this case, it will be great to have them among your new leads.

Car shows and exhibits are great avenues to hand out your business cards. You can just be a visitor in these events but you can still exchange contacts with other visitors and exhibitors. Events like these also give you opportunities to meet many prospective clients ranging from individuals to corporate magnates. Just make sure that your cards are of great quality and have impressive designs because corporate executives are hard to convince when it comes to influencing their buying decisions.

Though you might have designed your business cards using the right elements and have printed them on high quality paper, you will still not get the maximum benefits if you only know one way to hand them out. You have to explore all the possible ways.

About the Author

Mina Palencia is a writer who resides in Lancaster, LA. She has experiences writing for online marketing campaigns, writing technical documents for online audiences and loves blogging.