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Small Business Marketing – 3 Secret Weapons For Promoting Your Business

New small businesses are often faced with the task of marketing on little or no budget. Aside from the staple marketing materials like business cards and a website, there are other strong and effective marketing tools which are often overlooked. Here are three secret weapons for the small business to create awareness, reinforce brand recognition, and keep customers.

YouTube Videos
Internet Video Marketing is designed to create a general awareness of your business and attract potential customers. Unlike television advertising, it’s cheap (or completely free), is always available, and not bound by a region. They have the advantage over commercials in that you can add more value by providing useful information. Such added-value video ideas include: tips, frequently asked questions, product demonstrations, facility tours, or interviews.

Moreover, if your video is entertaining and informative enough, it has the opportunity to go viral across the internet, thus spreading your brand worldwide. This is every business’ dream, so be prepared for when it happens by having your web address or other vital contact information on the video.

The sole purpose of a jingle is to create instant brand recognition in your customers’ minds. The power of music and its ability to associate with memory is an amazing tool for any business. To illustrate this, think back to the jingles of your childhood. I’ll bet you can still remember them. You can, and should, use this same power to reinforce your brand.

An important thing to keep in mind is that jingles don’t have to be corny and campy like the jingles of yesteryear. Most modern jingles emulate the sounds that are currently popular. Think of them as a song in miniature. Let’s say your business is an extreme sports facility. Your jingle could be likely have an edgy modern rock or pop punk sound. Anything is possible!

While a jingle package may be a bit of investment initially, ranging anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, generally, once the jingle package is produced, it can serve you well for many years to come. Because most jingles are buy-out (meaning you own the rights once it’s paid for), you are free to use the jingle for virtually as long as you’re in business. In some cases, for as little as $500, you can have a fully-produced jingle package with multiple edits to use on television, the web, and in on-hold message systems.

Custom On-Hold Messages
On-Hold Messages serve to keep callers (i.e. customers) on the phone line when they call your business. They dramatically decrease caller anxiety while increasing wait time while customers are on hold. On-Hold messages also provide useful information about your business, products, or services.

If your phone system is equipped with a “music on hold” feature, it’s important not to be tempted to play a local radio station or a store-bought CD of your favorite artist. Such use is illegal and constitutes as copyright infringement without an expensive annual license. On-Hold message packages, on the other hand, contain royalty-free music underneath your custom message. Purchasing a custom on hold message package grants you permission to use the music in your telephone system. With telephone systems with music on hold capability, a 6-minute on hold message typically costs around $200–a relatively small investment to improve customer conversion and caller retention.

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Clay Butler is the owner of Butler Productions Multimedia, a full-service audio production facility. Clay specializes in Audio Marketing Solutions, which include jingles, on-hold messages, and audio commercials. His voice and production work can be heard on jingles all over the US. For more information about Clay or Butler Productions, visit http://www.butlerproductionsmultimedia.com

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