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Tips for Developing a Company Brochure

by AndiBeark

The only way you can get a new customer is to find ways to get that customer interested in your company. Great products and services are wonderful things, but if the customers out there don’t know they exist, then it’s a lot like that proverbial tree falling in the woods. That’s why having a great company brochure is a key element to bringing awareness of your company, its goods and services to those customers.But simply putting a brochure on the table at a trade show doesn’t mean a customer is going to pick it up and put it in their bag. That brochure has to reach out and say “take me!” and simply putting them in a holder that says “Take One” isn’t always going to be enough incentive for someone to do so. The brochure has to stand out. It has to be impactful enough that someone walking by that may only have a marginal interest in your product will want to detour to your booth long enough to get that connection.

Using color and graphics to catch people’s eyes is certainly one aspect of a great brochure. Making sure those splotches of color or pictures are impactful enough to grab attention is an important aspect that has to be paid attention to. However, there’s a lot more to a powerful presentation than simply having a great graphic or eye-catching color scheme.

Make sure you put quality information about your products or services inside the brochure. The ‘flash factor’ may make someone pick it up, but that information is what will cause them to keep it, and to use it to connect with your company. But don’t try to deluge the customer with every single aspect of your company or product, unless the brochure is designed to highlight only that aspect. Too much information, especially within the confines of a tri-fold brochure will cause the customer to put it down, unfinished.

Another important aspect of a good brochure is to make sure your company information is easily attainable. Putting contact information in two or more notable locations will give the client multiple opportunities to see that information, and it makes it easy for them to pick up the phone and call, or to type in that web address for more details.

Something else to keep in mind is to use a good quality paper. Let’s face it, if you use regular copy paper, or even regular brochure paper, the average customer won’t pay any particular attention to it. But if you use a high gloss finish paper, or a rag bond, then that will leave its own impression on the customer. Superior quality paper will leave the impression with them that your company is also superior quality, and that alone can be worth more than the words and colors used alone.

Creating a great company brochure isn’t as simple a process as one would think. But by paying attention to the details: color, content and paper, creating a great brochure is something that will pay dividends for years to come.

About the Author

In the marketing business, Andi Beark needs to stay on top of the game. She uses creative solutions with a tri fold brochure design to enhance the visibility and product images of her clients. Use PaperDirect’s brochure design and printing to maximize your company’s exposure in a big way.