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Making Your Postcards Work Harder for Your Business

by Kaitlyn Miller

Postcards are good at what they do. When sent by mail, they are easy-to-read marketing materials. As magazine inserts, they serve as an ultra easy order form. But it is only when designed well that postcards are great at what they do. Here are some ways that you can easily optimize the effectiveness of your postcard printing, making this marketing tool work harder for you.

Send your postcards to the right people. Find out who your target audience is and build a mailing list full of them. If you send out your postcards only to those who are likely to do business with you, then you will have a much higher return on investment than if you send out a general mailing.

Past or current customers should receive postcards. You can send them out when you have news to deliver, when you have a new product to introduce, and for special holiday offers or promotions.

Be direct with your message. Because your space is limited with postcard printing, your reader should understand your message immediately. Take care to write a headline that is short and full of information, and make sure your graphics reinforce your message.

Make response easy. For postcards used as order forms, always self address and stamp. Another option is to make check boxes so that ordering is fast and easy. If your customers have to wait until they can look up your address or stop by the post office, they may never get around to ordering from you.

Don’t try to sell with postcard printing but do include a call to action. There is not enough space on a postcard to close a sale. The idea is to make prospects interested in finding out more. Include direct orders to “call our toll free number,” check out my website today,” and “send a request for more information now” on your postcards. Don’t leave your customers wondering what to do next.

Mail your postcards on Tuesday or Wednesday. Mail traffic is lighter in the middle of the week, so your postcards will have less to compete with on these days. They will get more attention and you will get more responses.

The harder your postcard printing works for you, the more responses you will receive. If you are going to send them out, make sure to get the most out of them by using some smart marketing and design techniques.

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Great Ideas for Spring Marketing Postcards

by Kaye Z. Marks

Do you plan to print postcards for marketing this spring? Well, spring is indeed the perfect time for postcard printing since there are lots of great marketing themes you can adopt.

In this guide, I will teach you about four great ideas that should make your spring marketing look better and of course become more effective in this colorful season.

1. Using nature images – Of course, since it is spring, the best theme to adopt are natural themes. By this, I mean using nature images of plants, animals and landscapes that really help people picture that the world around them is coming alive. Lots of marketing color postcards succeed using this design idea because people really respond to such colorful and vibrant images after they are exposed to the drab white and cold of winter. So early on, as spring sets in, do not forget to deploy your nature postcards for marketing.

2. Using abstract color – Besides images, people actually respond to simple colors. I have found many businesses using great bright colors for their marketing tools in the spring to their advantage. Printing floral color patterns, bright geometric patterns and many other colorful abstract designs can actually attract the eyes of their target market and get that marketing message across easily this spring. As long as there is a significant amount of color, it will really be something to look at in spring.

3. Print things big – Another good thing to do this spring is to print big. The bigger the sizes of your postcards are this spring, the more they can display that colorful design. Being big makes sure that your marketing tool and its message are noticed and picked first before the others. Therefore, if you are really serious, you may want to print larger sizes with more impact.

4. Keeping things vibrant with glossy postcards – Finally, to add that glistening, wet and fresh look, you should try to print them in glossy paper materials. Just ask your printing company to use glossy paper and ink. They will surely know what you mean. These kinds really gleam in the light, really bringing the light and sun in spring themed fashion.

Great! Hopefully, you can use these ideas to create beautiful and eye catching spring color postcards for marketing. As long as you keep to the colorful theme, you should never go wrong with your spring marketing strategy. Good Luck!

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