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Social Capital – How Does It Matter

The internet and social media has redefined the way we connect, act and react. Our social capital is not a function of our online and offline networks. With online social media one can now connect with millions of people across the globe which was never possible earlier. Every individual can now have powerful and interesting social media presence.

That being said, not all can become powerful on social media. One needs to consistently work on building his social capital, understand people and build his network. One may also look at connecting with highly influential people in the social media space and with them as connectors, build his own network.
Different social media platforms act differently as well. While it may take less than a minute to connect to someone on twitter, LinkedIN does require a formal introduction via your existing contact to connect.

Once your network grows, your reputation, social capital and influence over others multiply. Just imagine, if you have a six figure friend list in twitter – how many people would be interested in following you. How influential you’d be in the social media space. Although not all connections are equal, all of them do add value to your network. You may not connect in the same way with your twitter friend as you do with your family – but how many success stories do we hear originating from twitter daily?

Sane business marketers have already realized the power of social media in building their networks. They do know that the benefits will not be near term – however, are we so short sighted that we cannot see what the world will be and how will we interact over the years to come?

Building networks has never been so rewarding and easy. However, building a reputation would require consistent efforts where your social friends respect you and come to you when they need help.

Happy networking !

By: Nipa N Shah

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How to Promote an Event Using Social Media

There are dozens of sites and services set-up to help you promote events such as webinars, seminar, workshops, grand openings and product launches. While these tools are indeed online you can get benefit employing them for local offline events as well.

Use MeetUp and create a group surrounding your event – this might turn into something very valuable to do on an ongoing basis and create a nice way for you to build a local community.

Publish your event to some of the bigger online events calendars such as Yahoo’s Upcoming or Eventful. These sites have geography built in and help promote events that are near users.

Create multiple Facebook pages or twitter accounts just for the event and post relevant information by building local followings through twitter search and Facebook Groups.

Do a series of interviews with participants in the event or to tease out bits of content that will be presented. Record these interviews as post casts and post them on your event pages, submit to iTunes and offer them to others to run on their sites. Just make sure it’s great content.

Upload transcripts from the interviews or slides you intend to present to sites such as DocStoc, Scribd, and Slideshare.

Include quick videos and photos of before, during and after the event and host on YouTube and Flickr for added exposure.

Submit press releases before, during and after the event to sites such as PR Web and PitchEngine.

Cross post as much information from all of this activity to all of your social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter as all allow links to videos, audios and photos.

The short-term impact of working a system like this to promote an event or launch is greater exposure and hopefully greater participation, but the long term impact for future events may be the real payoff. As you get better at this kind of social media routine, you’ll find momentum building through search engine traffic too.

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