How To Get Repeat Customers Through Email Marketing

by Charles John

1. Get permission from your customers:
Getting permission from your recipients is crucial for the success of an email marketing campaign. This is not just because you may end up with CAN-SPAM penalties but also because people don’t like getting emails from unknown people. What would you do if you get a newsletter from an unknown person or company? There is a good chance that you may end up in spam box or trash.

Getting permission is necessary because if somebody opt in for an email about a product it is because he has plans to buy it, may not be now but in future whereas a random person may not be even interested in that product. By emailing the opted in person you are encouraging him to buy your product which will end up in sales whereas in the latter case the person is not even interested in it, so mailing him will only waste your time and resources.

2. Give valuable information:
Your email need not be focused only on sales. It is annoying to always receive sales emails. Why not give them some useful information about your product or service? It will keep them interested in your emails. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t send sales letters but don’t do that every time. If you can establish a good relation with the customer not just as a sales person but also as someone they can trust when choosing a product or service they will come back to you for buying more.

3. Make your email design simple:
There is nothing more annoying than an unreadable email. Use a simple email template for your newsletters. Minimize the use of videos and graphics as nowadays they are most likely to get stuck in email filters. Send them plane, well arranged text messages with necessary links to your landing pages. You can add your videos and graphics in your landing pages t interact with your readers.

4. Use important links more than once:
If you have an important link in your news letter which leads to the sales page or such an important page don’t hesitate to use it more than once depending on the length of the message. By doing so the chances that a reader click on the link and visit your page increases. Make sure that you add it atleast to the top and bottom of your message.

5. Use a Good email messaging tool:
Using email marketing softwares like mailchimp can help managing your campaigns efficiently. A good email marketing tool will help you to schedule your emails, auto-respond to customers’ messages etc. While you can run an email marketing campaign manually it is a lot easier to use email marketing software as it will save a lot of your time.

The best thing about using these tools is that it will help you to run your campaigns smoothly. They will save your time running the campaign so you can create more newsletters and messages for your customers and thus keep in contact with them constantly. This will keep them aware of your products and services and will help in generating more sales.

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8 thoughts on “How To Get Repeat Customers Through Email Marketing”

  1. At my firm we have been experimenting with MailChimp and really love the functionality. Very smooth and hiccup free. We also try to limit the amount of emails we send by bundling a few messages into one email, and formatting them accordingly.

  2. Nice post.
    For me the most important letter is don’t make your letter look like a spam. Cause readers easily delete the message and dont read it. that’s why its important to ask permission from your customers. The tools listed are great, and very effective, thanks for sharing.

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