Include Videos In Your Marketing

by Daniel Blinman

Most of the companies, irrespective of their size, have started to include videos about the company’s service offerings and product offerings as part of their marketing efforts. Companies put these videos in their intranet portal first and get the feedback from their own employees. After this step, the companies tweak the videos, based on the feedback received, either by themselves or with the help of a video production company. After incorporating the changes, they publish this corporate offering video to their internet portal.
There are actually many reasons for organizations to use corporate video presentations. Of all the reasons, two reasons top the list. One among them is the ability of these corporate video presentations to produce reproducible training sessions for the employees in the organization interested in learning a new technology.
Sometimes the organization will also make it mandatory for all its employees to complete a particular course by referring to the video presentations. In such instances, these video training sessions are loaded in the intranet portal of the company for the employees to refer. The employees can use it any number of times and complete the course. Also the training sessions taken by an expert related to a particular technology can also be recorded and then uploaded in to the company’s intranet portal.
One of the major advantages of having a video training session is that the audience is not dependent on a particular person to come and deliver the lecture. One can go to the intranet portal and then launch the video training session as and when they want to take.
Another major reason for the companies to go for corporate videos is the emergence of video as a media that helps to increase the sales of the company products and service offerings. Studies on certain eCommerce portals have come out with some interesting findings on the positive impact of the video information regarding the product. When the customer sees the various features of the product through video presentations, the studies indicate that there is a greater chance for the customers to get impressed with the product and place the order through the company’s eCommerce portal.
In addition to being used to market the product in a better manner, they also help the eCommerce portal to be ranked highly by the various video search engine portals such as YouTube and Vimeo. Search engines place the links of all these eCommerce portals which Video demonstrations, in the first page of the search engine result.

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