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Vehicle wrapping- what is it, and what can it do for you?

VMS Ford Escape vehicle wrap
Photo by John Fawcett
by Natalie Eastaugh

Vehicle wrapping is a type of advertisement where a company can choose to have it’s fleet of vehicles, vans or trucks, covered in images and logos. Previously, this was done by hand using paint, but new technology has seen the development of large sheets of printed material that are easy to adhere and remove from the vehicle. Images applied to cars, vans and trucks are usually the company name, logo and contact details, making it an ideal form of advertising. It is believed that the average driver spends a whole month behind the wheel every year, and that about 3000 people see the vehicles on an average trip. Image advertising in this manner is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising as it lasts much longer than radio or newspaper advertising, with top quality wraps lasting up to five years, where a radio or newspaper ad may only run for a month. Advertising slogans and images are not limited to the smooth sides of cars and vans, but can be applied to the corrugated and curtained sides of trucks too. This makes it an ideal form of media to use to advertise the service or product that your company provides. It can also be applied to multiple vehicles within a large corporate fleet, or only one or two within a smaller business, which means that this form of advertising doe not give advantage or disadvantage to one type of business or another. Whole vehicle single colour wraps can be closely matched to your vehicle’s original body paintwork colour, or you can change the colour of your vehicle over night! Vehicle wrapping can also improve the longevity of your car, van or truck’s paintwork as the images and text are covered by a laminate, which covers the whole vehicle. If your vehicle should become scratched or damaged, you usually just have to pay to replace the wrap on the body panels that are damaged, saving you from having to pay to have the whole car rewrapped.

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Tips for Video Marketing

by Ruben Paixao

Video provides us with the capacity to correspond with others in a manner that builds trust and a personal association. Moreover when you put a video online it is supposed to be there functioning round the clock for you and it is also economical and simple to do. Basically, video has many attributes to like.

The following is a list of ideas about making video part of your marketing strategy.

?Make sure that you embed your video on your blog because it is or at least it should be the center of your social media advertising so by placing your video there where people can find it and subsequently find out more about you can only be a positive thing.

?Aim to grab the attention of your viewers within the first 15-20 seconds of your video -make sure that you enforce the benefit people will receive as they view your video. It is important to note that if you fail to grab your viewer’s attention within this time they are going to get bored and go elsewhere.

?Always be yourself and don’t try to make yourself out to be someone you’re not. If you are fun and outgoing be fun and outgoing on the video. If you are more reserved and serious then that is how you need to present yourself in front of the camera. Trying to be someone you are not will not gain you the trust of other people – it is not that difficult to tell when someone is faking.

?Write up a rough draft of what it is you plan to say rather than reading straight from a script – you want to sound natural and not robotic. Through drafting up an outline of bullet points you will not stray from what your main point is and you will also come across a more natural speaker.

?Ensure that you create a catchy title, preferably incorporating your main keyword just as you would do in any other form of marketing and at the same time you aim to grab people’s attention. At the very least you should have basic copy writing skills in order to help you to create a catchy heading.

?Maintain eye contact with the camera, in the same way that you would if you were talking to someone face to face. It is a known form of body language that not maintaining eye contact makes you appear to be untrusting. Of course this is something that will require a degree of practise but you will find that over time you will become more confident and therefore better at it.

?At the end of your video, make sure that you have a clear call to action this means that you tell your viewers what action you would like them to take once the video is finished. You might ask them to leave a comment or feedback or you may want them to join your opt-in list to receive a freebie.

?When you edit your video make sure you have means of contacting you as the final credit. This is easy to do with any editing programme you choose but it is extremely important.

?Obtain a microphone, they are usually not that expensive and improve your audio. If you have one, you could easily start out with your webcam; just make sure you have a nice professional background and light yourself well.

?Market your video and upload it to YouTube first. If you really want to go that bit further you can use Traffic Geyser which is a paid programme but it will upload your videos to more than forty video hosting sites. You could alternatively choose to use a service called TubeMogul which is free but this uploads to less sites, about 12-15. Whichever way you choose, make sure you get yourself out there.

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Ruben Paixao has four years in commercial video production and three years in video marketing. He has helped many companies increase their sales conversion rates that presell. For further useful information and to secure your Collection of FREE “Underground” Videos That Reveals Every Single Tip, Tactic And Secret To Market Persuasive Videos That Make You Money NOW!, visit: http://www.videosmarketing.biz