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Finding A Good Mobile Marketing Company

by Matthew Loop

If you are in business, you may be thinking of new ways to reach your customers. One of the latest trends is to hire a mobile marketing company. These companies can send text message alerts to your customers on a wide range of topics and can keep them informed of any current promotions that you may be running.

To find a good marketing company, you may want to ask your colleagues who use this method of marketing who they use. Many times they can refer you to their sales specialist who will be happy to meet with you. They can also make you aware of promotions that may have worked well for them in the past.

If you cannot find a referral then you will want to look for advertising agencies and see if they offer this service. When you meet with them you will want to ask them how they receive the phone numbers to compose the texts to. In some cases you may be responsible for giving them the numbers and in others you may be placed in a co-op with other advertisers.

You will want to ask how frequently you can have messages sent out as well. If you are having a slow period you may want to make a great offer and have it sent out to your customers right away. You do not want to send too many messages out, however anything that you can do to increase business will be of benefit.

One of the benefits to using this service is that it is sent to many people at one time. You do not have to worry about direct mail pieces that can take several days or may come back as undeliverable. Most people who receive text messages check them as soon as they are received.

You may also want to consider the first time you use this service to put an offer that must be redeemed by showing the text that was received. This will provide you with a direct measurable result of your mobile marketing company results. It can also help you decide which campaigns to use in the future as well.

The fact is, cell phones are not going anywhere. You need to make a decision here and now about whether you want to stake your claim in this boom or not. Those that adopt early are going to build their businesses much faster.

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