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Are the famed Social Media Giants “OVER CAPACITY”?

by Suzannah Tho-mas

In the ever growing world of technology and internet marketing demands today, most corporate giants and small business turn to the social media avenues to boost brand identity. Social media marketing avenues not only boost your Brand identity but if these environments are researched well enough most lay people not involved in corporate or actual business marketing industries can market their business very effectively through social media venues.

These tends to be the actual circumstance, between companies globally marketing and search engine optimizing their wares and services across the social media giants and the average age specific, gender specific web surfers monopolizing these social media environments you often come across a message displayed as ‘OVER CAPACITY” or Technical Problem please try again later.

Are these Social Media Giants running out of space or not providing adequate hosting with the appropriate connection ability? Most of these Social media giants perhaps may view those issues as slight, but when the average corporate or general market is attempting to access their account regardless if it is for marketing purpose or for entertainment or simply to communicate with family and friends and cannot due to an “over capacity” message, they will start looking else ware for environments that can accommodate.

Twitter.com in my opinion is affected more so by these issues from actual investigation on part than the other big three social media environments of facebook.com, myspace.com and LinkedIn.com and YouTube.com.

Facebook. Boast a 350 million user-plus site is the Mecca in social media today and is growing at significant speed.

YouTube. YouTube has hundreds of millions of views and users daily, YouTube is quickly becoming a mainstream marketing tool utilized by small and large business more than ever.

Mass marketing, entertainment or simply for the pleasure of swapping a tweet or a shout out to possible leads, friend, family or work associates if definitely having a Huge affect on one’s ability to simply connect.

What does that mean or tell us? That there is definitely more room for New Social Media avenues out there in today’s market and if managed, marketed and opened on a global basis, it certainly leaves room for newer, simpler and more advanced social media avenues to pick up a significant amount of members in the corporate arena, business arena and general public environments that would be more than ready to jump ship for an environment that accommodate the basic need of simply signing on, marketing a brand or sending a message to family and friends.

These top social media sites are definitely important to social media marketing strategies and on some of them it may seem overwhelming to get a system in place that produces real results and allows you the simple ability to just get connected to promote your brand. But once you do, it will be well worth your efforts. Facebook. Boast a 350 million user-plus site is the Mecca in social media today and is growing at significant speed.

Facebook is the No. 2 website in America, according to Alexa.com, and its fastest-growing demographic is people over age 35 and older.

YouTube has hundreds of millions of views and users daily, YouTube is quickly becoming a mainstream marketing tool utilized by small and large business more than ever.Video is one of the hottest items on the market, and YouTube delivers exactly what more than 60 percent of internet users are looking for.

LinkedIn. This is the place where 51 million and growing daily business owners network to find leads and joint venture ability. It’s a fast growing monster environment that caters to the corporate world and is gaining in size and strength in the social media world today.

Twitter allows 140-character posts along with tagged trending topics It has had a phenomenal growth rate in the past year.

Google Buzz is Google’s latest entry into social networking has the potential to attract rapid adoption, due to its connection with the widely used Gmail and Google Maps applications. The Buzz allows users to post status updates and upload pictures and videos to a Google profile, not unlike Facebook and Twitter. A user’s network is formed by contacts they interact with frequently on Gmail. Gmail now offers Business mail to promote their efforts even further.

If a user makes an update public, the information also gets added to the “Buzz” layer now available on Google mobile maps. Now, Google Maps users on i-Phones and Android devices can view the things other Buzz users have said about businesses in the area.

Are you getting the same message when trying to connect “Over Capacity”? I would like to hear from you!

Article Source Suzannah Tho-mas www.Ecommercedesign.ca copyright2010

5 Simple Salon Marketing Ideas for Your Salon Business

by Wayne Gerald

Developing an effective salon advertising and marketing campaign can test any salon owner in today’s’ economy. However, developing affordable, and most importantly, effective salon marketing programs don’t have to take your last cent. Below are five cost-effective salon marketing ideas that will get new customers in the door and keep them coming in:

5 Cost Effective, Simple Salon Marketing Ideas

1. Cross promotion: Your salon clients also patronize other businesses in the area, like the plaza dry cleaner, ladies fitness club, smoothie shop and tanning salon. Approach these business owners and design flyers and other marketing literature promoting all of the businesses. Then, have all the businesses distribute the information in a united front.

2. Give Back to your community through charitable programs. Nothing ties you to your local customers like a program to raise money for a hair related cause in your area like the Cancer Society. This will increase your businesses exposure to the community, help a great cause and make you feel really good inside.

3. Discounts! In today’s economy everybody is looking for a deal. Be strategic in your offers. Your discounts should attract first time new customers to try your shop out and current customers should be encouraged to join your shops loyalty program that gives them free services discounts after a certain number of paid services.

4. A smile and a flower! Lots of folks pass by your business every week. A smile and a flower with a coupon or salon services attached will create lots of good feelings and gain new customers. Bulk flowers are not expensive and a smile is always free.

5. All ages love to get pampered. Develop Mom and Me Makeovers for a friendly family atmosphere and extra clients or approach your local Senior Centers to promote senior discount programs.

These are just a few ideas to jumpstart your salon and gain new customers. This video has even more ways to make sure someone searching for a salon in your area thinks of you first!

About the Author

© Copyright http://www.salon-promotion.com. Wayne Gerald is a Salon Marketing Consultant and offers step-by-step video training at http://www.salon-promotion.com for easy, effective, internet marketing for salons that most salon owners overlook.

Is Your Marketing Believable? Ask Yourself These Questions

by Peter Geisheker

One of the big problems I see in advertising today, particularly on the Internet, is the believability factor. When I see an advertisement, email, or sales letter that sounds too good to be true, I instantly ignore it. There is so much snake oil being sold in the world today, especially on the Internet, that when I see big claims made for anything, I ignore them as being junk.

For example, today I received an email with the subject line saying, “How to double your business.” My instant response was, “yeah sure, BS” and I hit the delete key. Then I received another email with the subject line saying, “FREE CHEAT SHEET: My 10 Most Important Business Insights This Decade.” My response was, “yeah right, if you are such a business genius, why are you sending out spam emails like this instead of having a cover story done on you in the Wall Street Journal?” Delete.

Many marketers seem to think that for their advertising to get a person’s attention, they have to make huge claims about their product/service being the best thing since the invention of the automobile and that it will change the world. The problem with that type of marketing is, NOBODY BELIEVES YOU! People are becoming so desensitized to big claims that they ignore them.

So, as a marketer what do you do? How do you mark your marketing and advertising more believable? Well, first of all, stop saying what you have is the best the world has ever seen. It’s not. And even if it was, people would not believe you. Every company says what they are selling is the best, so there is no believability any more. It is just corporate hype and goes in one ear and out the other.

The second thing you can do is tone it down a bit. Saying you can increase a company’s manufacturing output by 6% over 10 months is far more believable than saying you will increase a company’s manufacturing output by 50% in a week. The first claim sounds like it could possibly be true. The second claim sounds too good to be true, so it will in all likelihood be ignored. Do not use whole numbers. An increase in profits of 6.2% sounds far more believable than 10%, 15% or 20%.

Another marketing tactic you can use is to include testimonials where your customers state how your product or service helped them. For example, “I bought the XYZ Widget from ABC Company and now my zipzopadoodler is not breaking down anymore and it is producing 3.8% more zibblyboos each month. Thank you ABC Company for making a great product I can rely on. Joe Doe, COO, Zibblyboo, Inc.” And finally, use brief case studies that prove quantitatively how your product or service has helped a customer. It does not have to be long; 3-4 paragraphs is fine. The key is that your case study is believable and not over-hyped so your prospects can put themselves in the shoes of your clients and say, “I have that same problem and it sounds like this product/service is exactly what I need.”

About the Author

Peter Geisheker is the CEO of The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm. Peter develops and implements strategic marketing programs for businesses of all sizes with a specialty in law firm marketing. For a no-obligation quote, contact The Geisheker Group marketing firm today. www.geisheker.com (920) 471-1638.