The reasons why customers are not reading your emails…

by IdeaGuy

Emailing your past customers and potential clients is a very important tool you can use to bring in more people to your physical business. Your emails can also keep your company name front and center so people don’t forget about you and what you offer.

But with the number of emails people get these days and knowing they don’t read half of what lands in their in-bins, it becomes more important than ever for your emails to stand out.

That doesn’t mean using spammy subject lines or misleading titles to lure people in. It means using subject lines that have certain trigger words in them. This is crucial because if they don’t even open your email, there’s zero chance they’ll act on what’s inside.

The emails need to be formatted in such a way as to make them easier and quicker to read. There are simple things you can do to make the layout of your emails more inviting to read.

Did you know there are certain words you should not use in your emails or it will cause them to land in your subscribers’ spam folders? It’s pretty easy to avoid these words if you know what they are.

Your emails must have a purpose. Before you send one, make sure it has a call to action. This can be anything such as purchasing during your sale, contacting you for more info, visiting your website to do xyz, or coming in to your store in person for the abc event.

Writing emails is not that hard but crafting them so they stand out and get opened because the subscriber likes your emails is something else.


4 thoughts on “The reasons why customers are not reading your emails…”

  1. Indeed, there are lists of spam filter words and characters companies should identify and not include in subject boxes and also monitor open and click through rates closely to determine which customers are open to this channel and which arent. Testing different media channels will decide who which channel they wish to be communicated through, different strokes for different folks.

  2. Making a good follow up email or a marketing letter can be very difficult. But to me it’s simple, I just email a person normally like you’re just talking to a friend. It takes longer but the guy will know that you’re not a bot.

  3. I definitely agree with you. Having those intriguing subject lines when sending a business email can make everyone curious and so they would try to open and read. 🙂

  4. Hi ideaguy,

    You hit the target!
    It is not enough to get the subscriber in our list, we must learn to make an email that is read as well.

    I found a research that normally, a subscriber can only read 16 email subscription per day.

    And how do you bump into that top 16? You need to outdo the existing top 16.

    How to do that? Build relationship and deliver massive value.

    Your subscribers will love you for that!

    Nice article.

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