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Vehicle wrapping- what is it, and what can it do for you?

VMS Ford Escape vehicle wrap
Photo by John Fawcett
by Natalie Eastaugh

Vehicle wrapping is a type of advertisement where a company can choose to have it’s fleet of vehicles, vans or trucks, covered in images and logos. Previously, this was done by hand using paint, but new technology has seen the development of large sheets of printed material that are easy to adhere and remove from the vehicle. Images applied to cars, vans and trucks are usually the company name, logo and contact details, making it an ideal form of advertising. It is believed that the average driver spends a whole month behind the wheel every year, and that about 3000 people see the vehicles on an average trip. Image advertising in this manner is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising as it lasts much longer than radio or newspaper advertising, with top quality wraps lasting up to five years, where a radio or newspaper ad may only run for a month. Advertising slogans and images are not limited to the smooth sides of cars and vans, but can be applied to the corrugated and curtained sides of trucks too. This makes it an ideal form of media to use to advertise the service or product that your company provides. It can also be applied to multiple vehicles within a large corporate fleet, or only one or two within a smaller business, which means that this form of advertising doe not give advantage or disadvantage to one type of business or another. Whole vehicle single colour wraps can be closely matched to your vehicle’s original body paintwork colour, or you can change the colour of your vehicle over night! Vehicle wrapping can also improve the longevity of your car, van or truck’s paintwork as the images and text are covered by a laminate, which covers the whole vehicle. If your vehicle should become scratched or damaged, you usually just have to pay to replace the wrap on the body panels that are damaged, saving you from having to pay to have the whole car rewrapped.

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Flyer Distribution To Local Residents Can Be Effective

by Phoenix Delray

Flyer distribution to local residents can be effective in the fact that there are teams of employees that go out and distribute your flyers to the general public either in your area or any area of your choosing. Most of the companies that offer this type of service have locations all across the country and can accommodate just about any business with their advertising flyer distribution needs. Most consumers today think that a flyer either on their mailbox or on their car is just some kind of situation that they do not want sign up for. But on the contrary there are huge benefits to picking up one of these flyers and using them to their potential.

And statistically people are still reading these flyers that come to their home or distributed onto their cars at large parking lots and other areas of your local demographic. That is why a flyer distribution service is still an important part of the whole picture that you should look into when advertising your business to the public. Flyer distribution services along with sign twirlers and even colder Inflatables will be just part of the campaign that a professional advertising company can do for your business along with increased profits and better peace of mind that your business is growing and reaching thousands of people at many different times of the day.

Before making a decision about a flyer distribution campaign or even advertising of any sort, then the trip to the Internet with some key search words will come up with some details scenarios that other businesses have used to advertise and of the companies in general that advertised for them. This lets you get to know the company a little before entering into a flyer distribution campaign contract if that is something that your business needs at this point. This avenue of research can also give you some comparisons of different pricing packages and will let you find a package that is within your budget and will be the best choice for your business.

After this advertising is distributed you should see an overwhelming result of many different new customers both on the Internet and in your local area because of the new method of marketing and other advertising aspects that were implemented. This is why a flyer distribution campaign along with an advertising campaign can grow your business and keep profitability moving forward into the future.

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